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Creative minds need to study Fashion Designing and Textiles at AP Goyal Shimla University

The completion of Class 12 may bring immense satisfaction for students and parents alike but higher education is yet to be completed. It is a professional course at a reputed institution like the eight schools of AP Goyal Shimla University that brings a great transformation. The juvenile teenager is now changed into a corporate professional who feels at home while working in multicultural environments. A sound practical approach with diverse educational experiences exposes the girls and boys to the current trends. Excellent institutional infrastructure preferably in the hostel accommodation would involve students in learning activities that set high standards of ethics and values besides the particular subject knowledge.

Located in the queen of the hills in Shimla in Himachal Pradesh state in Northern India, experience the ideal conditions for authentic study amidst the flora of the Himalayan Mountains. Far away from city distractions, study along with students from over 25 countries, all eager to make a mark in life. Honor the university traditions, abide by the rules and timings, trust the faculty, and strike up meaningful partnerships with friends that may last a lifetime.

While professions based on engineering and medicine, architecture and science have existed for generations, some new age careers stress creativity and artistic approaches. Connected with art and designing, why not opt for Fashion and Textiles study? It is certainly not for everybody who would opt for safe service careers. Not everybody is willing or interested in the service kind of lifestyle where you sit at a desk the whole day. Some careers are different and stimulate with a lot of travel and adventure. The risk factor is greater in such jobs. The satisfaction and incomes may be greater too.

An era of intense global competition

It is partly the influence of the international media via numerous channels like the print and television and nowadays the internet that standards have been raised very high. No longer can people remain hidden away in secluded surroundings. Coming out of seclusion, you have to compete with the world. Introverts will not succeed. Hitting out and becoming international in outlook with a willingness to work in multiethnic environments is now essential to survival.

It is purely the environment and the influence of education and training with the right faculty and infrastructure that molds the character and personality. The greatest leaders and scientists, social reformers and industry giants would not have succeeded without sufficient education. Besides the basic school education, particular sector training puts you up to date and creates a professional who understands the system and the duties. In spite of a professional degree, continual updating would be necessary to cope up with the changing trends.

What duties do Fashion Designing and Textiles graduates accomplish?

Since this is a designer age, everything that is used on a daily basis comes out of a designer workshop! An artistic approach is the hallmark of the designer craze and traditional looks and good functions alone will not be enough. People want exotic looks and that extends to every kind of product like garments and textiles, jewelry, footwear and accessories like handbags. Imagine the billion-dollar entertainment industry that consists of film and television productions and how many designers they will employ and what sums would be paid.

If you aspire to such a career, what aptitudes and skills would be required? Make sure you possess at least some of the following qualities:

  • A strong artistic ability like sketching along with excellent communication skills for giving instructions.
  • The creativity that ensures working successfully with a variety of colors and designs based on textiles of several kinds.
  • Computer-aided design (CAD) and graphics editing would be essential and computer skills would be needed for sure.
  • An eye for details and strong decision-making skills would be essential to success.

What tasks would be required?

Researching fashion trends would be an important duty. Creation of designs by hand or computer would be needed. Manufacturers, exhibitions and trade shows would put you in contact with fabric samples. Materials have to be selected for garments to be manufactured. Garment designs would select colors and styles, decorations and patterns to create trendy pieces of dress or accessories. Marketing of fabrics and garments would be the final step.

AP Goyal Shimla University facilities for Fashion and Textiles

The university offers a bachelors degree in fashion designing and textiles. B.Sc. in Fashion Designing is a course of three years duration. In order to help realize the dreams, some facilities are the Drawing Studio and Computer Aided Design (CAD) Laboratory. Other labs that assist practical studies are Pattern Making Lab, Cutting Lab, and Sewing Lab. Fashion Library aids a world of imagination.

The graduate course serves as a foundation for creating a place for yourself amidst the designer inspiration in an international setting, exposed to the emerging global trends in the field.

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