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Study at A P Goyal Shimla University for assured professional success in India and abroad

Islands in the ocean or peaks in the Himalayas do not stand alone but are surrounded by many others, smaller or larger. So it is with colleges and universities that are encircled by so many more, especially in crowded nations like India. Attracting students from as many as 25 countries and all the Indian states, A P Goyal Shimla University rules the clouds in the picturesque Himalayan surroundings. The state of Himachal Pradesh has numerous colleges and universities too, but something outstanding about this campus with eight schools attracts many students.

Along with a natural curiosity to learn, according to aptitudes and abilities, the students are certainly in search of personal development and professional success in due course of time. Boys and girls who pass Class 12 and wish to join degree courses or graduates who pursue postgraduate studies have little understanding of themselves or professional needs. The university acts like a parent who holds the child’s hands and teaches the essentials of life. Once they have gained admission to the nature-endowed campus on the 220 bighas of land on the Shoghi Mehli Road, it is a one-way ticket to success in life and in the profession.

Educational experiences matter above all

What is the secret of the best education? It is the sum total of learning experiences that develop the mental and physical skills, knowledge and capability. Simulated real-life learning experiences teach a vast number of practical lessons that may be applied in professional situations. Technology and software are everywhere in the university just like in urban environments nowadays. That does appear simplistic, but it is not. Relevant theories and their applications may be decades and centuries old to begin with. A time must come to learn all that the contemporary minds have discovered. Getting in tune with the needs of the 21st century would be an enigmatic task indeed. Keeping pace with the learning and applications of the present day presents a Herculean task.

The few semesters the students spend here are not given to sensational experiences but rather dedicated to tranquility in the quest for contemplative learning. Though there is time allocated for action and adventures like the nature-based sports and the field trips to industries, the process of study is essentially best done in peace. The campus has plenty of that peace element, located amidst the Himalayan slopes with hills and rivulets that do indulge the senses in a mighty fantasy of graceful beauty, unpolluted and away from urban decay. Would you prefer thick jungle and waterfalls? Discover them out there in nature’s plenty.

A science and engineering-based technological world

While everyone is carried away by the pace of technology as experienced via the media, the truth is that the age-old science and technology form the basis. Hundreds of years of industry have made us think that science always existed and computers and software appear to be recent inventions. In miniature, the principles that drive engineering and technology always existed, waiting to be applied. Those who are fond of mathematics and physics, calculations and software would look out for suitable training centers.

Though there exist many educational institutes, they differ widely. The AP Goyal Charitable Trust is a non-profit making body that aims to bring improvement in the Indian society in health, education and social welfare. It helps us to understand that the university lives, not for the sake of moneymaking, unlike most private organizations. Dedicated to the development of the skills and abilities of young people, it is purely an altruistic vision that prepares students to face the heat and competition of professional life.

The physical infrastructure for science, engineering, and technology being world class, the curriculum is dynamic too, designed by leading authorities from IIM and IIT, besides faculty abroad. Though similar claims may be made by many institutions, the planning, research, delivery, and success are unequaled in comparison to many other institutions in Northern India. The accreditations, awards, and citations received indicate its position as one of the finest centers of realistic industry related learning programs in eight schools.

The Information Technology infrastructure

The IT department supports an infrastructure that connects the capabilities of all the eight schools. Programming, internet, database and Advanced Computing are supported by separate laboratories. Having about 500 workstations, over a hundred network support devices, and 10 servers, it is truly a vast infrastructure. The IT department does serve as the brain of the vast university and aids in research, learning and teaching, administration and supporting activities.

The IT services include:

  • ERP Systems and Data Management
  • Applications and Hardware/Software Support
  • External support to eight departments for IT requirements
  • Wired/Wireless Network Management
  • IT tools required and Infrastructure Maintenance

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