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Super AP Goyal Shimla University infrastructure for Law and Architecture, Hospitality and Chemistry!

The 21st century world and all the educational facilities depend heavily upon the existing technology and industry-based infrastructure.  The basic smartboards in classrooms and Wi-Fi everywhere are taken for granted since institutes would not be effective in their absence. Scholarship and human capability are being extended through technology, but subservience and dependence upon technology need to be avoided. Qualified, industry-experienced and concerned faculty along with superb infrastructure makes AP Goyal Shimla University an ideal location for effective studies for professional excellence. Get to experience a nature-based and stress-free Himalayan campus where the mind is at peace to concentrate upon genuine learning. Choose one of the eight schools, according to interests and aptitudes.

School of Legal Studies

The imposing law department building has five stories. Classrooms do promote intensely academic ambiences with smartboards and all the facilities the school offers for technology based effective learning. The complexities of the legal profession are well expressed in the Law Library and e-library that contain a huge quantity of study materials that may take a lifetime to get through. We should not be forgetting the Moot Court Room that serves as a rehearsal arena for the many legal battles that the future lawyers would be fighting in real courtrooms.

The auditorium represents lots of action too, like when the finest minds get together to debate issues and meetings with industry leaders are held. The amphitheater too is instrumental in developing the diverse expressions that the students are developing. Cultural programs bring the talents and skills of girls and boys to prominence in a scholastic atmosphere of graceful excellence. The Faculty Room enables all the academic discussions that keep the department motivated from day to day with dynamic learning. A computer lab is essential and a day and night internet facility supports all the extensive research activities.

School of Architecture & Planning

It is obvious that architecture would require plenty of physical infrastructures in comparison to some other subjects. The thought of all those sensational office buildings, malls, factories and apartment complexes fill the students with pride as they plan their professional careers. Though software is rapidly taking over the designing process, the basics will be learned initially from physical materials. Workshop I deals with Carpentry while Workshop II deals with Model Making.

The Building Construction & Materials Lab does inspire those eager young boys and girls a lot in their quest for adventure that means different things for different people. Several labs bring varied activities to understand the complexities of the architectural worlds that not only concerns buildings but environments too. The Surveying Lab, Climate & Energy Lab, Art and Graphics Lab and Reprography Lab work in tandem in the laborious learning process through several semesters. It is hard labor indeed all the way.

Along with the computer lab is a separate departmental library where you find up to date Text books and Management Journals. Online resources are constantly available. Classrooms are equipped with LCD projectors to conduct very effective multi-media interactive sessions. The occasional sessions at the Auditorium and Amphitheater provide stimulating exercises in self-expression.


Dreams of the mega hotel and catering industry globally would require intense and sustained hard work, dedication and effort to succeed! Theory and practical work go hand in hand and real experiences matter in simulated surroundings like the ones they would work in later on. Internships in leading hotel chains provide valuable eye openers.

For those who wish to excel as chefs, the Basic Training Kitchen provides inspiring work experiences that molds champion industry chefs. Modern Ranges, Mixers and Workstations are some basic facilities available. Advanced, sophisticated equipment helps to get at the intricacies of a range of international cuisines. Continental, Indian and Chinese, besides the Thai, Spanish, Arabic, Mexican and Scandinavian cuisines would be learned so well.

The Bakery and Confectionery facility is equipped to produce breads, cakes, pastries, desserts, and chocolates etc. Future patisserie chefs are born here. The Training Restaurant & Bar develops the skills of future F&B managers. Housekeeping Lab and Front Office Lab are other essentials too.


Department of Chemistry encourages subject knowledge besides familiarity with the ongoing global research developments. A well-equipped laboratory with exceptional instrumental facilities is available for the students that help with curriculum and research activities. The library is truly a blessing to spread the light of specialized knowledge in hard copy along with online materials. Wi-Fi accompanies students everywhere on the campus. Software is never lacking as the computer lab works hard to keep up with student needs for assignments and projects.

Classrooms become scenes of avid learning each day with the multimedia interactive sessions that are facilitated with LCD projectors. Students let go when it is time for those displays of creative expression at the auditorium and amphitheater. Reach out to that wonderful academic oasis up in the clouds in Himachal Pradesh State in India.

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