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Study for a brilliant legal career at AP Goyal Shimla University

Among the eight disciplines within AP Goyal Shimla University is the School of Legal Studies that conducts three courses leading to a career as a lawyer. The integrated course is very popular and combines BA/LLB. The Bachelor of Law and Master of Law are the other courses. The legal career is a challenging and exciting profession that may be looked upon as an adventure. Those who wish to serve the country and serve humanity would find tremendous satisfaction in life as a lawyer.

Law is universal like the air and sunshine and touches every individual on the planet, though it may not be initially realized. Only the criminals live outside the law, but they may sooner or later get drawn into the legal net and face due punishment. The popularity of crime serials on television and the cinematic stories reminds of the popularity of the crime genre. It is true that the rise of technology has facilitated greater crime, though fighting crime uses the same methods.

Contrary to what most people would think, lawyers do not only fight court cases! Specializations remind us of the complexity of the laws and their applications. You could choose to work in one of several fields according to interests and skills. Civil Law and Criminal Law are two of the common choices, but there exist many more. Mega corporations would need their own lawyers to take care of disputes and financial matters. Corporate Law, Taxation Law and Labor Law would apply along with others like International Law. Constitutional Law and Administrative Law are some other important areas.

Roles and niches of the legal profession

If they sound interesting, maybe laws suits you, but think carefully and discuss with a few elders and counselors before making a final decision. For those who are interested in accumulating several degrees, law is usually one of them. Legal journalism is getting quite popular and don’t forget that some senior world leaders like Obama held degrees in law. The truth is that the modern society is prey to numerous disputes on a range of levels, sometimes involving huge properties or vast sums of money. When disputes occur on an international level between MNCs, the problem is even more complicated, involving the laws of several countries.

Legal academia is attractive too for those who are well qualified, perhaps with some experience out in the field. Teaching posts could be lucrative and carry immense prestige. The legal profession carries clout and respect since you are working on the side of the law and defending innocent individuals who may be drawn into disputes. Justice for all may be a statement easy to make, but how to reach it to the weaker sections of society is the problem.

Tax laws can be complex and only sharp minds would be able to understand and apply it successfully. Becoming a Public Prosecutor or a judge carries great responsibility and may come up later in the career. There is no limit to the heights that can be reached in the legal profession like becoming an Advocate General.  Some may be more interested in Litigation rather than Company Law.  Law firms combine several functions and consist of groups of lawyers where a start could be made, working under seniors initially. Independent legal practice may be taken up after some such experience or in a partnership.

Entering the Judicial service could lead to rewarding careers or working with NGOs. In an age of rampant piracy, Intellectual Property rights and laws concerning them are very important too.

Qualities a lawyer would need to succeed

Besides logical and interpretative skills, sound language ability both in speech and writing is essential for lawyers. Presentations before the court or boards in corporations would require eloquence. A lawyer needs to do plenty of writing like reports and needs a good command over the language for persuasive and argumentative writing. In keeping with the times, the use of technology would be required to succeed in terms of software and presentations, apps and communication.

The financial aspect becomes very important in the legal profession. Most disputes concern money. It is very true that money is not only crucial to existence, but is instrumental, along with workers and materials, to run any business of manufacture or delivery of services. Like financial and business managers, lawyers need to understand the intricacies and the nuances of the money market very well with ample interest and dedication.

Reading a lot across a variety of subjects is crucial for lawyers. It is not only law, but history and culture, politics and science that could provide numerous lessons for a broader understanding of the society in which we live. Perseverance, a sense of time management, emotional intelligence and effective teamwork would be some other factors that promote success for lawyers.

AP Goyal Shimla University beckons with some of the finest faculty who combine academic degrees with experience to provide a stimulating start to the future for lawyers in national or international environments.

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