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Dream big with Electrical Engineering degrees from AP Goyal Shimla University

Instead of leaving career decisions to chance or procrastinating until the last moment, students must plan well in advance. Opting for both science and mathematics in Higher Secondary classes 11 and 12 could lead to a study of BTech in Electrical Engineering at AP Goyal Shimla University, which is a four-year course. Further, the study of MTech in the same discipline would mean two years of further study. While the most progressive university in Northern India is located in the picturesque Himalayan Mountain surroundings of lush serenity, internships and placements mean that you would get the maximum ROI. The other equally attractive choices are Civil, Mechanical and Computer engineering.

All the facilities and the educational infrastructure are well in place at the green university campus quite distant from the city hustle and bustle. It is quite a wonder how students succeed academically in the heat and dust of metropolitan institutions with the sound of traffic disturbing classroom lectures! Get away from it all and seek the peace of a monastic setting where the mind is free to concentrate on artistic and spiritual matters in addition to the scholarly. Besides, the international exposure with students from 25 countries would well serve as a fertile meeting ground to make friends and professional connections for a lifetime.

It is obvious that the boys and girls need to chase realistic dreams and possess the required aptitude and ability in the subjects concerned. Inspiration is found commonly enough in the urban environment and perhaps in less urban areas too. Civil engineers construct buildings while mechanical engineers build machines. Buildings, machines and computers would all require electrical systems. They are all present in great variety on large and small scales in the surroundings. More and more, factories require robots that are the way of the future and they run on power too. All the dainty electronic products that have transformed our lives, millions of them, require circuit boards and electrical wiring systems.

Are there simple electrical solutions?

It does sometimes appear after the exchange of large scale information that one size fits all. While software may be circulated worldwide and patents supplied internationally, each company develops its own systems. That may appear like a duplication of work, but licensing and profit making policies require closely guarded secrecy of company procedures and programs. Now we understand that each company requires a research department to build and improve cars, mobiles, computers, generators, washing machines, televisions and so much more. They would all require the sweet blessings of electrical power for functioning and electrical engineers work at the heart of it. Even in deserts and frozen areas, generators would be needed to engender power for essential services.

Generation of electricity

Imagine the vast quantities of energy consumed in a single minute. Certainly, the power generation industry is a vast employer of electrical engineers. Firstly, you have the generators and transformers of high voltage that must produce power and transmit it to where it is needed like cities and industries. Besides designing and building, the staff needs to maintain such mighty systems round the clock. Secondly, low voltage systems are also common and consist of electrical control circuits, motors and ancillary systems.

Engineers are often referred to as the brain of the country. It may be dangerous work with electricity and injuries and fatalities do happen, even the electrician who services the homes does face some dangers. Following precautions, there does not seem much to worry about. One does not really know how interests develop but skills and interests are necessary, otherwise career choices made in haste may bring regrets later if unable to cope or losing interest halfway. Entire lifetimes are often devoted to a single profession or so it was in the olden days. Associated professions could also provide job opportunities like working in computer systems or automobile companies that also require electrical experts.

Working in tandem with other engineers

Would you find a factory where computers are absent? Technology and machinery refer to every industry. It is common sense that the electrical engineer will work together with mechanical and computer engineers. Automobiles and Railways would require all three kinds of engineers besides aerospace technology. It should be quite a challenging life of adventure!

Consider some applications of electrical engineering skills:

The built environment industry

Hospitals and hotels, airports and universities are mighty complexes that host thousands of people each day and generate vast incomes. They all need electrical power, security, CCTV besides the functionally important lighting.

The defense industry

Just because the army, navy and air force do not figure in daily life, we sometimes imagine they do not really exist. All the statistics seem to be facts and figures alone. Power systems, network designing, hardware and software, equipment designing and testing, there is much to be done in the service of the nation.

Think of studying for such a career if you find it all interesting. The dream of today can well become a reality tomorrow. Electronics, consumer goods, materials and metals, marine, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, utilities, the list that requires electrical engineers goes on and on.

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