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AP Goyal Shimla University provides industry oriented education for professional success

Best Industry Oriented Program in Himachal Pradesh

The debate has continued far too long, but the fact remains that most institutes impart a theoretical textbook based education. When it comes to professional needs after graduates enter jobs, a strange mismatch is noticed. The result would be partial success since the training did not cater to job requirements. In particularly professional courses like Hotel Management or Architecture, the training may be in keeping with professional needs. Even nowadays, when the world is so much transformed in terms of competition and the need to succeed financially, it is felt that several degrees are necessary. First, boys and girls wish to become graduates with no thought of professional life, like true aristocrats.

Some mega corporations and companies of different hues like manufacture of cement or services like communications have the advantage of providing their own training and so their productivity is assured. So it is with almost every company of whatever size that makes sure additional training is given to its workers initially after recruitment besides the updating that is needed from time to time. It is a pity that millions of years of student lives are wasted in learning things in college that will never be used in professional life. Getting a graduation seems to be a colossal waste of time and money if it is for its own sake rather than professional outcomes. Internships and placements are the ultimate proof that studies have succeeded with gainful employment.

The AP Goyal Shimla University industry specific teaching

Inculcating the four Ps of Purpose, Patience, Pride and Perspective has been a way of life at AP Goyal Shimla University that sits proudly on the Himalayan greenery in Himachal Pradesh State of Northern India. A perfect setting for contemplative study away from the noise and stresses of urban life, the heart roams free and the intellect gets an opportunity to be nourished amidst picturesque natural beauty. In spite of being a young private university, you find students from 25 countries on the campus. Affiliations with a number of foreign institutes and universities ensure the best of research-based education for the committed youngsters wishing to make a mark professionally.

Graduates from the premier IITs and IIMs in India form an important part of the highly experienced faculty out here. Unless the faculty has real experience out in the field, they would never really understand the practical professional needs. Corporate experience is compulsory for understanding industry needs. Delhi university academicians along with consultants abroad share in the challenging task of framing the curriculum across the eight disciplines. The curriculum requirements of several leading world universities are studied carefully to frame the most relevant and updated curriculum in keeping with international standards.

Practicalities are considered above all

Breaking away from the theoretical rote learning that has destroyed too many promising careers, it is practical experience and learning by doing that matters here. That is the only way through interactive lessons that concepts and ideas are really understood and retained in the memory. Field trips, internships, workshops, festivals too provide many such learning and doing opportunities.

In most universities worldwide, the quality of campus life decides how effective the studies are. Out here, it does seem to be a dream come true if the variety of activities are considered. With a carefully built infrastructure that presents the best of facilities that follow world standards, you live, eat, work, play and dream in utter tranquility, quite certain that the destination is not so far away. Such is the assurance and confidence of industry oriented training that the staff and students are never in doubt that they will succeed. The challenge is to keep updated with the ever changing industry needs like the weather constantly evolves. How is that managed? A close contact with corporate leaders and their guest lectures and workshops besides internships and placements feed all the valuable information about changes and emerging trends. Laws and rules, product models and specifications, algorithms, software, they are all changing.

Most universities in India present vast choices of careers and specialties besides some that concentrate on a single subject, maybe engineering or medicine, art or media. AP Goyal Shimla University maintains eight extraordinary schools that have evolved to highly structured and effective graduate or postgraduate course with an eye to the real needs of the industry. After passing out, diligent students have no difficulty in finding a rewarding professional position and the lucky ones get placed in campus interviews even before leaving the campus. The eight schools cover most of the new careers that have got immensely popular nowadays after the stupendous growth of the media technology.

  • Hospitality
  • Management
  • Architecture and Planning
  • Journalism and Mass Communication
  • Engineering and Technology
  • Applied Science and Research
  • Fashion and Textiles
  • Law

The old and the new, science, humanities and commerce, they are all represented in the eight schools that would transform raw boys and girls into professionally fit working machines who are ethically capable and culturally sound. High standards make competition in multicultural environments possible and lives sustainable worldwide.  Discover a path through the unknown.

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