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AP Goyal Shimla University: the Best b-school to inspire Startups and Innovations

Stretching across the green Himalayan Mountains of Himachal Pradesh, the AP Goyal Shimla University oasis is a perfect scene for contemplative study. Besides students from across the diversity of the Indian subcontinent, the best university in Northern India attracts students from more than 25 foreign countries. Though just over a decade old, this unique private university established by the state authorities has already marched far ahead and seeks international horizons.

As many as eight schools of distinction under the aegis of the university conduct bachelors and masters degree courses besides some amalgamated courses that run for five years duration. Having joined hands with several institutions and universities abroad, the university offers international exposure and connections so much necessary to success in the intricacies of the 21st century. Excellent internships and placements ensure that students are successfully settled in worthy employment, otherwise, the education has failed in practical terms.

The business management promise!

Probably the most dramatic of the new age careers that have taken the world by storm in recent decades is business management. The reasons are easy to understand. Never before in human history have such mega-companies been born, whether in the fields of telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, garments, healthcare or hospitality, to consider a few examples. Just imagine the immense management skills that the leaders and managers, directors and CEOs would require in order to serve in multicultural environments across the globe!

Educational institutions need to keep pace with the happenings in the industry. The growth of IT and other forms of technology has aided the process through superfast software-based communication and exchange of designs and knowledge globally. The face of India has changed incredibly as the future looms bright in spite of having an unmanageable population. With a mighty youthful population, the future of India would certainly shine brightly as the sun.

Innovative startups

The present-day universe in which we have our existence sometimes appears like a world of make-believe. Reality often seems to be missing in the daily adventures of study, work and play.  Consider the cab services that have spread their wings globally! The social media that connects billions in their vast embrace, uniting colors and languages, races and religions! The education, health and food apps besides the media-based channels of the television and the internet! Each of this started life as an innovative startup with no certainty of success.

There is bound to be a first time. All the inventions and patents started off as mere experiments like children studying in school laboratories. The point is that some succeeded while many failed, the same stories being repeated each year. What is it that motivates successful startups and their innovations?

The inspiring role of colleges and universities

AP Goyal Shimla University and other institutions of higher learning represent the brains of the society. Though ideas could occur anywhere like the apple falling from the tree, it is the educational institutions that symbolize the world of research. The society would certainly expect that innovative think tanks would be born on university campuses rather than elsewhere. Practical life could also offer incentives for development. Improvements upon already existing products like the numerous brands of smartphones represent another channel of innovation. Newer and improved features are constantly being added to make them bigger and better, faster and more dreamlike.

On the other hand, to create something entirely new is an even greater challenge. That is not so rare either, with the media constantly reporting new developments in several fields like technology and gadgets. Some applications like fitness bands could have several features built into it and each year witnesses a model that is even better.

AP Goyal Shimla University b-school

Conducting BBA, BCOM, MBA, get the best training for a world of innovative business management careers. Think in global terms rather than the state or the national levels. It is a changed world we inhabit where national boundaries hardly exist anymore. Be convinced that the syllabi and the curriculum are nowadays similar the world over. The internet-based study and technology, software and easy duplication made the difference. A bit of international exposure and a few modules about the business industry and its complexities would provide the foundation to build managerial careers upon.

Grow wings and learn to fly at the AP Goyal Shimla University. Rising above the environment is what the lotus is capable of doing. This university rises well above the numerous business schools that train the thousands of Indian graduates and postgraduates each year. Study infrastructure, the faculty, the scholastic materials and pioneering pedagogy place them miles apart.

Enter that pretty campus with positive thoughts of innovation and perhaps launching your own startup in good time. Within two or three years, the world would move rapidly forward, if you consider the mighty pace of change taking place nowadays. The learning experiences at AP Goyal Shimla University would ignite the passion to innovate and give back to society at the national level.

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