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Rededicate yourselves to universal values at AP Goyal Shimla University

Where else but in the portals of higher education would you expect to find solidarity, tolerance, and peace? Coinciding in December, the United Nations-inspired International Solidarity Day and the International Day of Tolerance and Peace remind of the need to end the conflicts that prevail in several regions of the world. Yet, most would accept that there exists no magic formula to bring about a resolution of the maladies that affect the world.

What are the problems? Besides environmental concerns that everybody is nowadays talking about, wars and ethnic violence, injustice in terms of human trafficking, sex abuse, lack of education and nourishment are some salient concerns. When governments pursue vigorous policies besides the NGOs working in tandem, much can be achieved, or at least a beginning could be made.  Besides, it is the duty of the haves to aid in the development of the have-nots. Roughly, half the world suffers in dire distress.

Solidarity and tolerance should go together and fill us with the idealistic thought that a better world is quite possible through unity. A beginning has been made with the numerous humanitarian agencies and world bodies that have taken up the arduous task. Yet, it is a mighty iceberg that has to be uplifted particularly in vulnerable areas like Africa. Sharing is the heart of it and much would be achieved, but change happens very slowly. A concentrated effort to tackle the issues at the grassroots level is bound to work. Apathy, malaise, corruption and the anti-social elements are ready to dilute whatever good work the messengers of peace may be able to achieve.

In this mighty tug of war, there is no winner or loser. The eternal battle must be fought with success being achieved dearly, a few degrees at a time. Timely reminders each year do help in focusing the mind and rededicating to the task, even if most work is ineffective in terms of the immense magnitude of the problem that exists.

Goa Liberation Day

Though the freedom for Goa from Portuguese rule happened far back in 1971, it is remembered with fondness and pride because Goa is an integral part of the Indian Union of 29 states and 7 union territories. The impact of Portuguese culture would remain indelibly in Goa in terms of dress and food, festivals and language, just like Pondicherry bears the French imprint. A mighty tourist destination with plenty of history that gets into the soul and awesome beaches that tickle the imagination, the Goa magnet can never be erased from the Indian subconscious mind. If Kerala is advertised as God’s own country, Goa is not far behind in mystical terms as a union of the natural wilderness and the rivers and seas.  

AP Goyal Shimla University, on the other hand, resides at the Himalayan Mountain elevations, spirituality finding mighty haunts in the higher altitudes. No wonder it is that numerous sacrosanct temples in northern India and elsewhere are located high on the mountains. One obvious reason seems to be the safety to be found in the peaks with the enemies finding it difficult to reach. India has had a mighty, impregnable defense in the Himalayan ranges through the ages. Besides, the rarefied air, loneliness, and peace at high altitudes would be quite suitable for spiritual pursuits like meditation. Holy men have meditated and found peace and salvation at those lofty Himalayan altitudes for thousands of years.

AP Goyal Shimla University sets its sights on profound academic accomplishments in 2018

A panel of distinguished educationists and philanthropists, social workers and bureaucrats, has given a delicate shape to the culture that now exists at AP Goyal Shimla University. The idea of being a private institution in India invites negative feedback. It is taken for granted that it would be a starkly moneymaking body since the fees are many times higher as compared to government institutes. While such thinking may be partly true, it is not always the case. Several private institutions have made an eternal name for themselves with a conscience and high standards. Usually, it is the long-standing institutes that may be 50 or 100 years old that are so revered. In comparison, AP Goyal Shimla University has opened its gates only since a decade.

Yet, we live in changing times as compared to the previous centuries or even a few decades ago before the internet revolution commenced in the 1990s. The fields like education that primarily depend upon information or data have been transformed! Compared to the struggles that students and institutes faced in the 1970s and 1980s, it is a wonderful new world with so much of study resources coming for free via the internet. People have become sharper, stronger and taller as a result. Technology created a close-knit family across the world with jobs easily obtained on the other side of the globe.

Collaborating with several universities and institutes abroad, AP Goyal Shimla University is well equipped to offer challenging courses and careers in the eight subjects, according to preferences. They attract students from over 25 countries to study Law, Management, Fashion and Textiles, and Hospitality. Engineering, Architecture, Journalism, and Applied Science and Research too. Launch your dream career in this picturesque location where the ageless Himalayas tell their sweet tales each day.

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