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Asia’s Premier AP Goyal Shimla University offers eight streams to build dynamic careers

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The students who stand on the threshold of higher education after completion of Class 12, as well as graduates, face difficult choices. India with a billion plus population has too many universities, institutions, and colleges to choose from. On what basis will the students decide? Will they act according to the media and advertising, parents’ decisions, friends, and teachers? Agreed that education has become crassly commercial and exploitation of innocent students with rave promise of internships and placements attract the gullible.

Consider the facts. Himachal Pradesh state closely watches over the standards of education in public and private institutions and chances are that the educational establishments will not be breaking the rules with hiked up fees and promises of facilities that do not exist.

The fact is that foreign students from 25 countries and more study in AP Goyal Shimla University confirm the important aspect of foreign exposure that will bring professional connections for the future. A mutual give and take between cultures would be of mutual benefit. Building bridges, after all, are what the whole world is busy doing. Bangladesh and Nepal, Bhutan and Nigeria, Iraq and Iran, Sri Lanka and Ethiopia are some of the countries.

A private university in India with foreign faculty on board! Research-based academic excellence is the hallmark of a distinguished faculty that greases the wheels of education like lubricating oil for the engine. Prof. Celia Desmond (Ottawa), Prof. David Ross (Queensland, Australia) and Prof. Peter Steve (Czech Republic) are some of the stalwarts showing the way to students through the forest of ideas and information.

Affiliations and tie-ups with institutions and universities abroad speak of the high level of education attained.  UCAM Catholic University Murcia (Spain), Szent Istvan University (Hungary) and China Agricultural University are some joining of hands that show the way to greater intellectual brilliance.

Admissions in 2018 to eight schools that offer distinctive careers

Now that the eventful year 2017 is drawing to a close, it is no time for pessimism. Rather, examinations indicate a stepping stone and a level crossing that indicates that more pathways are opening up in the urban jungle. The city is where everybody is aiming for, since urban centers provide the most fertile hunting grounds for jobs, internships, and placements. While some semesters end, others are being born with fresh batches of students and their vibrant dreams.

The nature-based peaceful ambiance of the Himalayan campus of AP Goyal Shimla University offers solace to those disgusted with the urban background. In cities, people have lost the ability to think, work or concentrate. The campus would provide what the urban world is missing every day. Breathe a sigh of relief that contemplation here would be possible with sustained interests with no distractions. Taking refuge in this peaceful campus would bring about the transformation every student seeks. From an innocent into a professional, ready to take on the challenging appointments, is what may be expected.

A varied choice of careers

While many famous universities and colleges offer one or two career choices, AP Goyal Shimla University has developed eight schools along international lines. Each self-contained school has its own faculty along with the infrastructure and teaching materials like laboratories and classrooms. Whether it is the bachelor or master or integrated longer courses that you aim for, dreams are getting to be richly fulfilled in due course of time and the right effort.


Almost everybody chases the management dream because it applies universally. Each organization and family life too requires managers on an appropriate scale, whatever designation they may be given. Though money, workers, materials, and services may be major issues that require management, there are many more specializations that make it the most attractive field where the fastest promotions come your way.


Who would not wish to be associated with starry hotels and tourism facilities, sailing on cruise ships or working in fabulous resorts? Travel and work in cute surroundings attract a lot of people, all of whom may not be interested in cuisines. Finance, public relations, publicity and human resource managers are also required in the hospitality workforce besides chefs.


Along with construction, the designing of green buildings with optimum space and materials concern the architect who often works with computer software.

Journalism and mass communication

Surrounded by the media everywhere in a world of technology, expert staff would be required for a range of duties on the screens that have reached every home and office.

Engineering and technology

Some older professions are still going strong and we cannot do without them. Engineering and its various branches still rule our lives.


The lawyers get a chance to help the sufferers by bringing justice by fighting their cases in the court.

Applied science and research

Knowledge needs to be generated further as the world develops. Applying science and furthering the boundaries of knowledge would be critically needed to continue the process of development.

Fashion and textiles

Creativity must have an important place in a world that is often getting rather mechanical and robot-like. Designing dresses and fusing ethnic cultures generate wonderful designs and bring greater understanding globally.

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