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AP Goyal Shimla University ranks among Asia’s fastest-growing universities!

KPMG places AP Goyal Shimla University at the 50th spot in terms of the fastest growing Asian universities. How many universities does Asia contain? That is hard to guess but there are too many. If you considered the universities in China and Japan, they would certainly be among the best. India alone has over 700 universities and so it is obvious that AP Goyal Shimla University is in a position that deserves high praise. It is mysterious that the university is one of the youngest universities and educational institutions take very long to flower and bear fruit, somewhat like the mountain ranges that took forever to get to their feet. Well, not so long, really.

What do you say about a university that has reached world standards within a decade of its existence? In Himachal Pradesh state, the government authorities supervise educational standards. As a leading and probably the best private university in Northern India, AP Goyal Shimla University has been receiving several honors and awards. Unlike many of the colleges and universities that are busy making a fast buck at the expense of student careers and awarding degrees recklessly, this is a non-profit making university that has been concerned with health and education in the field of social work. Philanthropy has been uppermost in their minds, as if on a divine mission.

Facing the realities of examination stress

The role of examinations in academic life may be compared to the trials that regularly occur in real life. Many are the occasions when patience, labor, and judgment are put to the test. The stiff times must come when it does appear that a battlefield has come about. Educational institutions are truly a kind of battlefield just like the sports ground often becomes the scene of epic clashes of giants. But so it has been all along since the first entry into school. The levels and complexity may have changed, but it is still the same game played with books and paper, pens and minds.

More than memory skills, exams test the powers of thought and analysis, the application of theories to practice and making the right choices. Isn’t that exactly what the future professional life and social and family roles would require? If exams are getting more complex, it stands for the 21st-century life too that has reached an amazing level of intricacy. So, don’t stop trying and never ever give up on the examination battles! Observe regular sleep hours, remain active with a little robust exercise, keep in touch with the media and eat well. Avoid struggling with notes, question papers and guidebooks until the last moment before the examinations but breathe deeply, say your prayers and take up the challenge.

A resplendent 2018 beckons in the eight schools of AP Goyal Shimla University

It may be time to say goodbye to 2017 with the examinations but the approaching New Year will see hundreds of new faces vying for admissions. What will the dream career be like? Law perhaps, Management, Fashion and Textiles, or Engineering? Architecture or Journalism, Applied Science or Hospitality? While many admission criteria exist, it pays to take up graduate or postgraduate studies that could lead to stunning professional careers. Internships with prestigious companies that become a channel to lucrative appointments and placements could be the attraction. If a study needs to have a purpose and meaning, it is the fulfillment of family, social and national career goals. At one point in time, giving back to the society that nurtured you becomes doubly important and relevant. The nation is what it is today because of innumerable individual acts of valor, sacrifice, research, and achievement in the different sectors.

On the spot admission facility in Bangladesh

International students particularly have to go through several complex procedures to join the universities of their choice. Once admitted, it may be all smooth sailing in acquiring fancy degrees. Neighboring countries across the international border like the SAARC brotherhood do have the advantages of proximity and sharing common policies and concerns. Bangladesh students are extended a convenient facility for easy admissions. Depositing a sum of Rs.10,000, they would register and meet with Dr. Ajeet Nedungadi, Director of Admissions and Marketing, AP Goyal Shimla University, to take their admission process to the next level. Welcome to our Bangladeshi friends and wishing them productive sessions of stay and academic success in fulfilling personal and professional dreams successfully.

Have you heard of International Migrants Day?

Especially in the context of education, the fact remains that millions of students each year leave their countries and travel abroad, sometimes across the world, to find the appropriate educational facilities. That is a huge waste of expense, time and labor. Travel and adventure may be fine and seeking better opportunities is good but what about those who never went to school. It is not only education that leads to immigration but wars and terror, politics and employment, drugs and ethnic differences are serious causes too. International Migrants Day does remind that we must play our part as responsible people to seek justice at the national and international level and lend a helping hand to the distressed and the unfortunate, the homeless and the sick.

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