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A patriotic dedication and global spirit prevails at AP Goyal Shimla University

Picturesquely located on the Queen of the Hills, AP Goyal Shimla University caters to boys and girls from across the Indian states and over 25 countries. The majestic buildings surrounded by nature and the proficient educational infrastructure, a research-based faculty and a variety of student activities set the pace for an educational experience to last a lifetime. Universities and colleges of higher education are too many in a country as diverse and thickly populated like India. Many are good, but few are truly outstanding.

The final test of the effectiveness of study courses is employability. The truth is that numerous students begin to fight a terrible battle after completing college courses, the quest for good services. Lucky are those blessed ones who underwent good internships during study courses and received excellent placements even before the study was completed!

University life is never simple unless it is dedicated to a single area or sector like tourism and hospitality or communications and journalism. Such an institution would have limited utility, serving a single profession alone. Many famous universities worldwide have risen to national or international fame with intensive teaching, research and development of a single field like health. AP Goyal Shimla University deserves much glory for successfully maintaining eight schools with high academic and professional standards. Having achieved national fame, AP Goyal Shimla University would soon be marching on international horizons.

Stunning careers beckon at the university that runs very successful study programs of study in Hospitality and Management, and Journalism and Architecture. The other schools for edifying study are Engineering and Law, Applied Science and Fashion. The list covers the hottest areas of the modern new age professional fields that developed after the coming of science, industry and technology. It is a rat race for professional success after studies and this university lights up the way with a network of national and international institutional affiliations and industry connections.

Celebration of national and international occasions

Armed Forces Flag Day on 7 December is a grim reminder of the financial troubles faced by the three arms of the Indian army, air force and navy. What happens to those brave warriors when they age, as everybody must? Old age is the time for disease and who will pay for costly treatments? How will the widows of the martyrs survive in their absence? Each day of study and work reminds that the Indian borders are well guarded because of the great soldiers of the army. Similarly, the waters around India and the air spaces need to be guarded. It is a great duty to donate according to individual capacity to lessen the burden on our armed forces in the graying years and the wives and families who may be in distress.

The Indian Navy Day is yet another reminder of the courage and dedication of the Indian Navy personnel that is the fifth largest globally and employs over 67,000 people. The navy requires all kinds of professionals too and who knows which students of AP Goyal Shimla University will become future naval officers? In many periods of crisis on the battlefield, the Indian Navy made a difference in the resolution of disputes in favor of India.

The UN International Volunteers Day on 5 December reminds to run the extra mile in the service of the society, the suffering and the disabled and the elderly. Though everybody cannot serve in the conflict areas or become health workers, the spirit of volunteerism should be appreciated and encouraged. Fighting against excessive materialism, the spirit of volunteerism reminds of selfless labor in the spirit of humanity. Several areas of conflict, racial tensions, refugees, backwardness and malnourishment are waiting to be helped. Though aid is coming from rich countries that possess the means to make a difference, time is the problem and politics and terrorism get in the way.  Perhaps the legitimate sufferers do not receive the aid meant for them after all. The day is a salute and a remembrance of those who dedicated their lives to silent work to relieve the suffering and help the destitute, the poor and the sick. Social and Economic Development is the agenda and perhaps one day soon the dream of a happy world would be realized through the services of volunteers.

The rare spirit of service requires opportunities like crises to be expressed. AP Goyal Shimla University worked for the langar Sewa at IGMC Cancer Hospital Shimla. The Department of English and Communication Skills Students and Faculty were intensively involved in offering their services for a noble cause. Just like teachers and lawyers, doctors are instrumental too in ensuring the welfare of the people and particularly the common citizens. Medical colleges and hospitals certainly need all the help they can get to set good examples of dedication and volunteerism. AP Goyal Shimla University should be organizing such activities frequently to inculcate the spirit of volunteerism and service without rewards for humanitarian work.

A spirit of excellence and achievement

Few universities and institutions display the dynamic spirit of enterprise that prevails at this hill university. The search for academic excellence has always challenged scholars through the centuries. Yet, the society is changing and life is now lived at a frantic speed amidst technology in the 21st century. An ordinary bookish education will not suffice for success. Come to AP Goyal Shimla University to pursue study courses that build a recipe for exemplary life and living successful lives in addition to professional performance.

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