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With examinations knocking on doors, AP Goyal University students need to energize

Examination fever grips education at all levels and here is wishing the students the very best of success.  Though it may be a time of stress, examinations are necessary hurdles to be successfully crossed on the path to acquiring degrees and diplomas, certificates etc. These become passports to professional success or admissions to higher studies. Isn’t it interesting that some scholars spend their entire lives busy with research and earning degrees until the post-doctorate level? On the other hand, most faculty members spend almost their entire lives teaching and researching in educational institutions at whatever level!

Examinations should not generate fear but provide an opportunity to reveal all that has been studied over the semester. Essentially well prepared for, the examination is a battlefield that the millions have to fight their way through. Give the finishing touches to the examination preparation but keep the mind free during the period before entering the examination hall. Make sure that you remain up to date with newspapers until the exam date. Good refreshment, regular sleeping hours and light exercise like walking should keep you physically fit to take on the question papers with robust eagerness. Avoid remaining awake all night long and study with enough breaks rather than labor through prolonged study sessions. Early mornings are better suited to study rather than agonizing during the late nights.

ICAI scholarships for the deserving students

Institute of Chartered Accounts of India would hold a Talent Search Test meant for students of Classes 10, 11 and 12, BBA, BCom, and BMS. ICAI wishes to encourage the study of commerce and management with the scholarships. The last date to apply is December 31 and you might get a 100% scholarship to pursue higher education in those two fields. Give it a shot and see if you get lucky.

Fashion Designing

AP Goyal University is different from many other universities because of the eight schools of study that awards graduate and postgraduate degrees. Diverse subjects and careers are taught through a distinguished faculty that usually ends for professional courses in internships and placements with leading companies. Those who have a creative streak and wish to do something different from the ordinary could consider joining the 3-year BSc course in Fashion Designing. Make sure that your interest and aptitude tally with the requirements of the course. It is a very competitive field out there in the fashion world but genuine interests along with dedicated labor would lead to success. Instead of dreaming of international fashion capitals, it would be practical to commence at the grassroots level and consider the society in which you live and their tastes in dresses. A fusion of cultures and ethnic wear are nowadays popular and that idea extends to cuisines too.

The Engineering School offers probably the best careers

While one person’s meat may not be palatable to some other people, it is certainly acknowledged universally that engineering offers some rewarding careers where you really get a chance to shine globally. No ambition is too great if it concerns engineering marvels that you see everywhere around the world and into space too, more and more in the future. A great variety of careers wait and more are being born every day. Which will it be? Civil and Mechanical, Electronics and Electrical have been around for generations. Computer Science Engineering is the recent addition that promises the world for the future. Take your pick according to aptitudes, skills and interests. A Class 12 pass is all that you need to join the BTech course in one of those areas. Nothing can beat the professional engineering courses that are industry specific where you can hear the heartbeats of factories that are waiting for your dedicated services. Some pursue research and others teach. In every way, engineering presents a world of mighty achievements to serve humanity.

The UGC-approved AP Goyal University way of life

Just like each family, institutions and universities follow a particular culture and philosophy. The best private university in Northern India is altruistic and works authentically for student betterment. Enjoying a long list of awards and accreditations in its young life of a decade, the university can look forward to an excellent future on an international level. Affiliations and partnerships with several institutions and universities abroad have brought an essential global exposure and intensive research.  Campus partnerships essentially mean that certain students will get to study partly in the campus abroad besides faculty exchanges, for mutual benefit.

Daily life for students at AP Goyal University is a dream come true amidst nature’s bounties in the Himalayan Mountains with an elaborate world class infrastructure. While every boy and girl will be a little stressed about settling down to professional careers after completion of studies, the present is most important. If they study with effort and commitment, it is certain that the future would be fulfilling. Take up the challenge.

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