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AP Goyal Shimla University campus is a world of gorgeous fantasy and make-believe

Engineering and management, fashion and law are some schools within the AP Goyal Shimla University umbrella. There is more!  Applied Science and architecture, hospitality and journalism complete the spectrum of bachelors and masters courses at AP Goyal Shimla University that launch mighty careers. A few courses are amalgamated and combine two degrees, extending perhaps five years and beyond. Particularly, the professional courses have great relevance in terms of contemporary society, meeting the industry specifications to the letter with appropriate syllabi. Excellent internships and placements are earned by many deserving students who have committed themselves to a highly productive life in the service of the family, community and country.

The success of the eight schools within such a young private university that is now emerging in international educational circles is truly mesmerizing. While many famous institutions and universities pursue a single subject with intensive research and immense achievement, AP Goyal Shimla University has successfully amalgamated eight different schools.

How did AP Goyal Shimla University manage it?

AP Goyal Shimla University is connected with charitable work and sincerely works to uplift the health and education of the people. A non-profit approach lies at the heart of the best university in North India that has regularly received awards and reputed distinctions. The fact that they have attracted foreign students from over 25 countries speaks highly of educational success. Collaborations with several foreign institutions and universities ensure global exposure and partnerships in the task of research and the generation of new knowledge.

Take a tour of the inspiring AP Goyal Shimla University campus

Perhaps the most appropriate educational environment the world over, the vast, green Himalayan campus is the dream of college students. While many students waste their college years in celebrating picnics and parties and neglect academics, the AP Goyal Shimla University campus in Shimla is a catalyst to study. The authorities have created an idyllic academic universe where students are encouraged to study and lead productive lives. Needless to say, a distinguished faculty lights the lamps of learning. A well facilitated educational infrastructure ensures that the resident students always have something to occupy their minds with a variety of meaningful community activities. Transport and communication, banking and healthcare facilities lie minutes away.

What has been happening in recent weeks and months at AP Goyal Shimla University?

The media nowadays has become the fuel that runs the world! Enjoying all the benefits of technology and aimed at a global audience, the media have infinite opportunities. While we gather information, entertainment and knowledge from the media, it is unfortunate that fake news is getting stronger over many forms of media like the internet. AP Goyal Shimla University has a journalism department too, that believes strongly in the principles of authenticity of the news. It is true that media endows the people, leaders and organizations with vast power that lies at the fingertips. Some unethical practices of media manipulation do take place, but they should be curbed and penalties imposed.

The Hospitality courses

Depending upon interests and inclinations, aptitudes and opportunities, the choice of course and career is made by students after completing class 12 and also after graduation to take up postgraduate courses. One of the most challenging careers with a global presence and unlimited opportunities lies in the hotel management sector. If you consider the international chains of hotels and the opportunity to work in luxury surroundings with chances to travel to tourist destinations, hotel careers are very attractive indeed. Not everybody may be interested in cooking, though it is a great and well paid challenge to become a famous chef who specializes in certain cuisines. The business aspect of procurement, money management, employees and public relations are some other departments.

The lawyers and their controversies

The legal profession is laden with complexities and is often praised because it has social justice at the heart. Helping people is what doctors and teachers do, and so do lawyers, at least the honest lawyers with a heart and soul. On the other hand, unscrupulous people will not hesitate to exploit the weak and the oppressed. Every profession needs to remain in touch with social realities. Doctors and teachers, lawyers too, have a special place in ensuring the welfare of the individual and protecting health, knowledge and skills and fundamental rights.

Getting up to date with Information Technology

While developments take place in every field, partly as a result of fast developing technology, the IT sector seems to be racing! Not only have the persons in the IT fielded, but everybody, whether students or workers, need to keep abreast of the emerging software and their uses.  Succeeding professionally in almost every field nowadays requires working with computers and the best chances of success would come from updating IT knowledge.

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