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Catching up with AP Goyal Shimla University’s vibrant campus life

The average working or business person has difficulty in understanding the spirit and excellence that prevails in township-with-all-amenities like university campus like AP G Shimla University. Perhaps they were students decades ago, but universities then were quite different. The difference mainly lies today in the extent of media development and general awareness that have resulted from the benefits of technology. Besides, nature rules at APGSU that is tucked away in the greenery of the Himalayan Mountain ranges, ideal for contemplative study where the mind feels free from the travails of crowded and polluted cities. Travel across the world with its thousands of universities, but few would attract as much as APGSU does.

The challenging learning and accomplishment culture at this charitable non-profit university does certainly inspire. A part of the educational process is to get aware of the numerous social occasions and national festivals besides the observances of international occasions in honor of literacy and women for instance. Unless we find enough causes to be dedicated to, lifestyles would certainly suffer. Giving back to society is a lesson that the students learn well, not forgetting that international scholars from 25 countries study here.

Being a residential campus with a developed modern infrastructure, the boys and girls get together in a variety of extra-curricular and skill developmentactivities and special occasions provide ample opportunities. Collaboration and management, soft skills and leadership, raising and managing funds, delegating tasks and getting things done are regularly practiced and provide great experiences similar to what waits in professionalduties after courses are completed.

Blood Donation Day

NSS and Shimla Nursing College arranged a blood donation camp on the AGU campus. Everybody realizes that food, shelter and clothing are not all that we need. Besides health and education facilities, a decent life requires toilets and emergency facilities like blood quickly available. Blood banks are fed by human beings and blood cannot be manufactured. Let us be alive to our duties towards fellow citizens and donate blood whenever possible.

World Fisheries Day

Sustainable living means that we should not destroy forests or wildlife resources, but uses them frugally, allowing them to be replenished. Yet, many areas of the world are being decimated and people, birds and animals suffer. Fishery too should be controlled. The idea of teaching enduring lessons like the art of fishing indicates that capacity building equips the person for life. For many cultures living along the coasts, particularly, and globally too, fish is a common item on the menu. Fishing should be controlled and managed such that sustainability may be achieved.

National Press Day

Among the eight schools in APGSU is the School of Mass Communication and Journalism and it would be quitejustified to consider the implications of press freedom and its unique importance. As the biggest democracy, India has a mighty media composed of the age-old print media, the television and nowadays the online world. Such a big industry offers thousands of appointments to those who possess the skills of communication and expression in speech and writing. The youngsters at the school should be going great places in future professional careers with so much dynamic motivation.

Academic Scholarships and Talent Hunt 2018

A great incentive for the students of Classes 10 and 12, academic scholarships worth Rs.50 lakhs would be awarded as a result of the State Level Talent Hunt 2018 to be held at 9AM on 18 February. The last date for enrollment is December 30. Make sure that you do not miss the opportunity. The full tuition scholarship facilitates study in any part of India.

World Toilet Day

The Sustainable Development Goals Program that was launched in 2015 plans that everybody would have access to a hygienic toilet facility by 2030. Is it not a shame that so many people live without such a basic facility? Slowly and surely, the villages, towns, cities and states will get rid of the shame and find ways of constructing basic toilets. The program has begun and is doing well in the different states and this reminder on World Toilet Day serves as the stimulus that we should not sit back but educate the people and arrange for resources to fulfill the national dream. Swatch Bharat Abhiyan will surely succeed.

International Men’s Day

Reflecting on the achievements of men in the society is a good opportunity but it is a reminder that women have an equal status and role and both the sexes should collaborate for greater success. It is good to know that men nowadays are getting more serious about their professional roles but crime is also increasing. The only salvation would lie in men and women working closely together like in some countries abroad for greater national development and the welfare of communities and children.

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