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Challenging AP Goyal Shimla University Situations Present No Problem with a Dedicated Faculty

College and university life present complex situations for the student just out of class 12. Suddenly, a vast and complicated world has opened up in a realm that seems to have no limits. Many temptations arise and the extent of spoilt students and the abuse of freedom are paramount in higher education as compared to the tame school environment. Since the work culture is almost absent in the Indian college systems as compared to the advanced western world, the periods of idleness are long and the possibilities of substance abuse loom large.

Many students have joined APGSU to pursue postgraduate studies too, and they are better off as compared to the graduate students with a little more experience in the world of the university. Yet, they too lack work experience and that is the crucial aspect that divides the students from what they will do later in life. If only the work ethic was ingrained in students at least on a  part time basis early in life, not only would they have greater pocket money but become more in tune with the world of work.

Faculty play parental roles

In an ideal educational setting, the faculty and the other administrators like the counselors and hostel wardens and matrons play parental roles. In terms of age too, they are similar to the parents of the students. Not only is the faculty active in the classrooms, the seminars and the workshops, but the senior ones are inspirational just like it has been since the oldest times. The respect accorded to a professor or senior lecturer who has contributed immensely in research and contributed to the sum of knowledge is immense, just like a deity. Among the older generation, you would hear such tales of worship of teachers.

Some things cannot change and APGSU is blessed to have a rich breed of faculty members who are well versed with the nuances of teaching in the eight different schools. A diversity of subjects like Engineering and Architecture, Hospitality and Law are taught, among others, and graduate and postgraduate degrees are offered. Applied Science, Management, Journalism and Fashion Design are the other schools. Few universities present such a varied choice of graduate and postgraduate degrees, many of them professional courses with authentic internships and placements.The faculty provides the top rung leadership of the university in terms of knowledge communication and internal research besides the heads like the vice chancellor and the director.

Student problems are attended to promptly

A sort of pyramid effect reflects the structure of almost every organization big and small everywhere. A hierarchy with several layers of administrators and managers is found on the campus.A residential educational system does require an immense managerial system since like a hotel it must cater to boys and girls night and day. It is an immense responsibility that rests on the shoulders of the university authorities. Food management, medical needs, transport and banking arrangements, everything need to be in order in the pulsating rhythm of life that the Himalayan serenity in Shimla, the Himachal Pradesh capital, must support.

While educational life may be embedded in dreams from the student point of view, they little realize that a foundation for a lifetime is being laid. Almost all the students will practice in future life, what they will learn in the college. Internships and placements may provide happy endings for the professional courses and so it is a transformation from the student life to the satisfying professional job.All the students may not be so lucky, but many are successful, much depending upon their commitment and hard labor with assignments besides the innate skills and abilities that they possess.

From day one in APGSU, both the local and international students have a shoulder to lean on and a counselor to confide in. Routine problems are referred to the person concerned, whether in the office, the hostel or the particular school.Functioning like a single extended family, APGSU has succeeded in finding its feet within a few years of existence by adhering to stringent standards and supported by noble causes.  Unlike many private organizations, the university cannot be named a money-making institution with their dedication to student success and accomplishment. Many are the awards that have come the way of the young university and it is certain that a global reputation for them is in the making.

Besides the knowledge aspect that is the primary concern of higher education, faculty and students need to keep their feeton the ground. Awareness of industry needs and providing practical education of skills and abilities in keeping with the professional needs is very much important. Updated curriculums that reflect the fast-changing technological, social and economic environments will make the courses more dynamic. APGSU is succeeding well like only a few other private Indian universities in its complex existence.

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