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Afghanistan Students Cope with Educational Challenges in Indian Universities

Students traveling abroad in order to receive excellent education to equip them to face 21st century life challenges have now become commonplace. A massive brain drain takes place each year as innumerable students migrate across the continents and the seas for quality higher education, many of them never fated to return. Since numbers are important, China hosted 123,000 international students in degree colleges in 2015. In the same year, 234,000 Indian students left the country to seek educational fortunes elsewhere.

The urge to travel and seek adventure has been fundamental to the human experience. But can you afford to take chances when professional careers lifelong would depend upon the foundation built in the college years. India offers tremendous opportunities for successful higher studies in several crucial fields in keeping with the new age requirements. Life and work, study and existence have become transformed in recent decades under the impact of a global media and advanced technology. No part of the planet earth is nowadays remote if connected by the lifeline of the internet besides health and education, transport and manufacturing facilities.

India is politically and economically stable which effectively means that study courses will not be disrupted halfway through civil or military disturbances. When international students knock on the door of Indian universities, they can be certain that the several semesters will culminate in a successful aftermath of academic or professional success, according to the course being pursued.

A multinational corporate culture has developed in India

In recent decades, the entry of MNCs into the Indian markets has seen the rise of a mighty manufacturing community that has transformed economic standards. The different spheres of a good life like business and administration, manufacture and communication, management and media have become very quickly developed. While the cities may have been primary targets of development activities, the majority of the population resides in rural areas which are now the focus of future development projects.

Students who grow up in such a challenging environment have much to learn. Awareness is quickly developed through the experience of participation in the life around them. The institutions offer a broad range of learning experiences and exposure to the dynamic lifestyle of success. If student life is a dream-filled life, these are the dreams to be realized in their future.

Management seems to be everybody’s favorite field of study, a course that is connected with every sector in some way or the other. Informational Technology, Hospitality and Healthcare are some other areas that attract numerous professionals each year. Taught by expert and dedicated faculty according to world standards of curriculum and supported by a technology-based infrastructure, it is dynamic thinking and applications from day one in university life. Most colleges and universities are located in and around urban centers that may have other negative effects like pollution and busy disturbing lifestyles. Yet it cannot be denied that these cities provide the greatest opportunities to interact with MNCs and collaborate with them in internships and possible placements. Besides, industry leaders and celebrities are often visiting the campus, delivering real life experiences and interacting with students.

The Indian global image is of a traditional culture though software is high on the export list as is manufacture and industry. An improved global image of health and hygiene would attract more international students and raise the contentment level. The Indian educational authorities are bridging gaps and making the courses more attractive to internationalstudents with an emphasis on technology besides attractive student experiences in the campus.

As a neighbor, India offers immense opportunities to Afghanistan students

Students from Afghanistan who are looking for higher education do not have to travel far across the world to find the best education. Advanced countries like America may offer better student facilities and lifestyles but the fee is prohibitively expensive. The truth is that a similar curriculum is followed which means that basically the courses are the same like in management. Accept the truth that most people are carried away by the glamor, the wealth and power of the advanced countries while education may be basically quite similar.

Under the dedicated leadership of President Ashraf Ghani, Afghanistan looks forward to economic development, and 2017 has shown encouraging growth.

The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has its capital in Kabul with a population of 31.6 million and an area of about 250,000 square miles. Islam is the major religion in a country that speaks Dari and Pashto.

UK is helping the development of health and education facilities of Afghanistan with 750 million pounds between 2016 and 2020. Economic development and the creation of jobs are high on the agenda.

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