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Contemporary India, the Excellent Destination for Togolese Students for University Studies

Students from Togo need to travel to India all the way from West Africa while several neighboring countries lie across the international border. Comparatively speaking, America, England and China host the largest number of foreign students but India is not lagging very far behind. In answer to the question as to why hundreds of thousands of students travel abroad to study across the world, it does have several specific causes. Before the large-scale development of science, industry, and technology, the purpose of study abroad was to avail of superior facilities and better job opportunities.

Technology and the internet changed those equations! Massive information exchanges on a global level have made an awesome difference. Only remote areas unconnected by the internet are nowadays considered backward. Yet, is education and professional excellence merely a question of information transfer? Probably yes, and so much more.

India offers outstanding educational facilities

Compared to many continents and countries, the vast Indian educational system with over 700 universities and innumerable colleges both government and private offer some of the best higher education facilities. Besides, education is certainly not isolated like a remote island surrounded by the sea. Education relates to the industry and the social environment, otherwise it would be meaningless if it was books of theory and nothing more. The best education prepares students for robust careers and in many cases, campus placements deliver good appointments before the completion of the course. Professional courses particularly like in management and architecture, journalism and engineering would provide ample opportunities but much depends upon the individual achievements of the students, their dedication and academic performance.

Numerous MNCs nowadays call India their home

Not only have the human minds opened up but planet earth is nowadays telling different stories compared to a century ago! We might love what is indigenous and wish to preserve local culture but development requires a give and take with the world and building bridges would lead to progress, peace, and stability. The immense development of industry and technology, administration and GDP, per capita income and the general contentment of Indians is partly due to MNCs. Better jobs have opened up in large numbers, higher opportunities arose as a result of those mighty companies that spread their wings across half the world. Outsourcing benefits both sides, labor is cheaper in Asia and thus the payments by western companies are higher compared to the local rates in India.

Besides products and services, manufacturing and software companies, foreign universities have also set up campuses in India. The result is a rising of standards in the face of global exposure and competition. The India of 2017 and beyond is thus a transformed and enlightened India as compared to the past of snake charmers. Students nowadays stand a good chance of coping up with global competition and succeeding at multitasking side by side with the Americans and Europeans. If you work for MNCs and many students dream so today, you need to be prepared to work in a multicultural environment with possibilities of transfers to several different countries. The knowledge of an additional foreign language is thus advisable too. In terms of communication, soft skills, like leadership and teamwork, and personality building, a lot are expected on an executive level to cope with international standards.

A Togolese Republic Country Profile

A tropical country located in West Africa above the equator, Togo has a population of about 7.1 million according to a 2016 census. Lome is the capital and the largest city. The Gbe languages Kotocoli and Kabiyé are widely spoken while French has an official status. The Togo country area of about 56,000 square kilometers makes it roughly the size of Croatia.

Togo has several ethnic groups and some of the biggest are the Ewe and Mina, Tem, Tchamba and Kabre groups. Native animistic practices are followed by most people.

Let us know Togo’s neighbors. Ghana lies to the west, Benin is located to the east and Burkina Faso lies in the north.

Economic activities and Alliances

A primarily agricultural country, raising food and cash crops besides mining are the chief income raiding activities. Growing cacao, coffee, and cotton support 80% of the people. Along with textiles and brewery, phosphates are a major industry. Cassava and jasmine rice, corn and millet are major occupations.

Member of the United Nations, Togo has joined the African Union and Organization of Islamic Cooperation. Togo is also a member of South Atlantic Peace and Cooperation Zone and Economic Community of West African States.

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