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The Himalayan Higher Education Experience at A P Goyal Shimla University

In the good old days, a three-year graduation degree was all the higher education that was required to succeed in life. Perhaps an IAS or IFS examination success would become a passport to higher designations and a more fulfilling life. That lifestyle has quickly changed in recent decades because of industrial and technological development and the media. Now that the world has opened up, India is no longer what it used to be. The Indian youth nowadays dreams of study and success abroad in order to create dramatic lives of sensational success, opulent homes and cars and fame and renown. The international success in mega companies of numerous PIOs in countries like America has brought the confidence that we can succeed in global competition too though few SatyaNadellas would be born.

If you wish to think at the Indian national level or even the state level like Himachal Pradesh, many millions of students are enrolled each year after completing Class 12. What do these boys and girls need from higher education? Is higher education needed at all? Though specialization commenced in higher secondary education where students opted for arts, science or commerce, they have not received professional education yet. In other words, they are not qualified or proficient to fulfill the demanding job duties and responsibilities. They need to carve out a career, raise families and serve the society, family and country. How will they start on that lifetime of duties?

The study of statistics can be overwhelming and depressing too. The fact remains that competition is high and many students are fated to remain unemployed or be satisfied with mediocre jobs, perhaps for a lifetime. The lucky few succeed in connecting with good employers through the right institutions or subjects. An excellent network of contacts would see you through university into placement and beyond. And nowadays the talk is about global ambitions and connections since the all-powerful internet has the ability to connect with employers worldwide with a simple process of application and online interviews. Life has certainly become so speeded up, but not everybody is happy with the new state of things.

APG Shimla University offers eight schools of study

Whether you study engineering and technology, law, applied science and research, fashion and textiles, management, hospitality, architecture and planning, and journalism and mass communications, life careers have begun. It is said that well begun is well done. Whether it is the three-year graduate degree, two-year masters degrees or the integrated five-year courses, students need something like that. While many boys and girls will study nothing further than a graduation degree, many spend decades pursuing degrees into the post doc stage. We can never understand how and why these individual differences occur and why some work all their lives while some decide to research lifelong. Perhaps the answers lie in our stars or genes!

Experiences develop the mental faculties and personality

School education is a basic foundation where children learn language, behavior and manners. Living in hostels would certainly promote greater independence and social confidence. After selecting a school like management or hospitality in college, professional knowledge dawns from day one. Now that a specific target has been decided upon, training and learning can begin in right earnest. Surrounded as we are in the towns and cities by numerous organizations and hotels, we understand by instinct that superb management skills are required in every little entity. Not only do colleges require proper management but those plush hotels too need effective managers.

In other words, all that the boys and girls have seen and heard, felt and believed by instinct and experience now come true. The race has begun to acquire all the essential tools of the trade in order to succeed professionally. That will not be an easy task either in the 21st century scenario with so many complexities surrounding every aspect of our lives. How much easier life would have been in the 1970s?

Getting up to date!

Soft skills and relevant industry experience, leadership, teambuilding and motivational training are some of the areas that contribute towards professional personality building. The spoken and written language and communication besides the electronic are crucial in order to get ahead. Most professionals are now thinking in terms of additional foreign languages to increase global opportunities with MNCs.

The mighty expectations from higher education

APG Shimla University and hundreds of other universities in India help jumpstart life careers for motivated and talented boys and girls each year. A lot happens during those three, four or five years of university education. Approaches and expectations, success rates and placements would differ according to the particular school opted for.  Engineering students would have different success stories compared to architecture or journalism. Yet, essentially, they are all chasing similar dreams in all the eight schools as they try to carve out distinguished professional careers and develop skills and personalities. Higher education certainly brings better chances of success in life’s battles.

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