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Get the Best Management, Hospitality and Journalism/MC Professional Education at APGSU

APG Shimla University in the North Indian State of Himachal Pradesh makes your dreams come true in infinite professional horizons. Teenage minds do not really understand the complications of career growth and the development of mental and physical capabilities. A rounded professional personality that can cope up with the demands of the 21st century competitive and technological lifestyle requires dedicated training. While there is no shortage of educational facilities in the vast Indian subcontinent, a great majority of them simply produces graduates and postgraduates and not successful professionals. Why not simply buy the degrees in the marketplace instead of struggling through the college for years?

It is partly the indifferent colleges and the students without motivation and purpose that are responsible for the globally inferior standards of Indian education. The fact that most Indian students do not work during those college years indicates a lack of effort. In comparison, students in advanced countries are constantly working to generate funds. Those hours of idleness in Indian colleges are squandered away in useless hobbies and parties, music and dance. Classes may run into a few hours only. Motivating students is a primary duty of the institution and the faculty. Towering academic personalities do make such a difference to student lives and careers, at least they did in the past.

Career options after Class 12

A majority of Indian students has not formed career goals in the scientific manner with aptitude tests and a clear awareness of their own capabilities. Perhaps it is fancy or the influence of friends that motivates them towards particular professions. If it is not science and commerce, what are the other careers that can succeed in the present dayworld of intense competition and a global culture where you need to be a multiculturalist? Many are those who suffered after blindly rushing into science and commerce careers when they were not suited for such lifestyles and did not possess the ability! The truth is that the arts and humanities contain many lucrative professions. Everybody cannot get into science and engineering based careers anyway. A fish certainly cannot climb a tree though it is so skillful in its natural water element. It is necessary for every student to find their own element and stick to it like the fish remains in the water.

Careers in Management, Hospitality and Journalism/MC

While every sector may be considered in terms of management and commercial principles, certain additional skills would be required to succeed in Management, Hospitality and Journalism/MC. If you survey the urban world around us, is it not a wonder that an infinite                  number of hotels, resorts, guest houses, motels and catering establishments are doing successful business globally? Consider our daily lives and we realize the extent to which media has grown that it dominates human existence.

Not only is it the internet and the television, but the social media that is everywhere. These media serve every purpose like business and communication, administration and education. Managers are a prime requirement for every establishment along with finance and manpower. With the mighty growth of industry and technology, we can well imagine the need for quality managers.

While we were painting a depressing image of Indian education, the truth is that a lucky few have reached the peaks of the corporate world in the developed countries. How did they achieve such high designations and become CEOs in MNCs? A few dedicated private universities like APG Shimla University provided the push and pull. Authentic faculty that desired student development and professional success provided the necessary knowledge and success and made a difference to their lives.

The Management, Hospitality and Journalism/MC schools in APGSU

The eight schools within the APGSU umbrella have been exceling in training and motivating boys and girls not only from across the many Indian states with their infinite diversities but also from 25 countries! That speaks well of the global atmosphere that prevails within the campus environment. Besides, it is a serene Himalayan environment amidst the oasis that only nature can truly provide. Concentration and academics come naturally in such a setting along with all the advanced scholarly facilities. Students will lack nothing during the two, three or five years stay when they will witness a transformation of their knowledge, skills, temperaments and personality.

It is often an excessively busy academic and professional routine, though you will need time for rest and recreation. Take it one day at a time as if you are climbing a very steep and tall mountain that would be possible only after immesepatience and perseverance. Life is after all a story of conquering peaks of different kinds and accepting challenges professionally and in family and social terms. If things are extremely difficult in some phases, take it in your stride. A better day is around the corner.

With the right attitude and commitment, some non-science and commerce courses like Management, Hospitality and Journalism/MC at APGSU would lead to sparkling careers.Research them further to find your niche and consult with parents, teachers and counselors to know the inside stories.

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