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Elevate your personal, professional and corporate skills at APG Shimla University

Acquiring quality university education in the degraded educational landscape of India can be a bitter challenge. While every college and university among the hundreds and thousands claim to follow international standards, is it really the truth? Why is it that no Indian university figures among the top 200 university world rankings? Where exactly does the malaise exist? While one would think that online technology has introduced a leveling out of the haves and have-nots, that does not seem to be really true. Information exchange alone does not guarantee the criterion of high educational standards. In an age where copying information has become child’s play and nothing remains secret for long, the syllabus and curriculum are shared globally. Does it mean that every college teaching the particular curriculum belongs to the same level? Just like the Himalayas present diverse levels of mountain peaks, so it is with the college levels in India and abroad.

Study in the energizing Himalayan ambiance of APG Shimla University

It is unfortunate that in the process of mass education with a mighty teeming Indian population, quality has to be sacrificed. What would you rather have, basic education for the majority or elitist education for a few alone?

Like an abundantly green and soulfully peaceful oasis in Himachal Pradesh State, APGSU provides a formula for a successful student life that would lead to rewarding professional careers. It would all depend of course upon the subject and the level at which the study and training are undertaken. The eight schools within APGSU deal in science and management, hospitality and architecture, to name a few. Engineering and Law, Journalism and Fashion/Textiles are other super choices for dream careers. Graduate and postgraduate degrees, amalgamated degrees, diploma and certificate courses too are available. Ranging from a single academic year to durations of four or five years, it is an intensive selection of courses.

The APGSU campus does present a vision of an earthly paradise

Most of India and particularly some southern states like Karnataka and Tamil Nadu contain numerous colleges and institutes besides private universities. Many of them are housed in three story apartment complexes in small towns and cities that look like dainty hotels rather than temples of learning. Would you be inspired to study and prepare for a lifetime profession in such an ambiance? The extent to which commercialization of education has reached is visible even in the remote regions of modern India.

Getting around the APGSU campus greenery and the uplifting, positive aura of youth in search of inspiring education is a fulfilling experience. The well laid out and meticulously planned architecture and landscape truly stun the senses. A sense of timelessness lingers amidst the Himalayan ambiance that reminds of nature at its best. As you move on and on in a campus that seems to have all the silence and mystery in the world, you are perhaps discovering yourself in the search for meaning!

Foreign exposure in APGSU

The university has attracted dedicated students not only across the many Indian states with their diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds but also from 25 foreign countries. That is a tremendous opportunity both for the foreign students and the native students to develop global contacts. Along with the awards and recognitions that the university has already received, it is growing in stature very quickly.

The common perception in India and that may at least be partially true is that private organizations are purely moneymaking agencies. While the accusation may be true in general, some renowned private universities and institutions have been doing very well and suffer no adverse reputation. APGSU has implemented the noble purpose to disseminate the best of educational practices. The standards of teaching, ethics, and values, the quality of infrastructure, corporate connections, internships and placements all combine to create a sizzling combination to give students a head start in life.

Build life foundations at APGSU

While schooling comes first after the home provides the first base, higher education consolidates the process of laying a foundation for life. A professional life is compulsory too nowadays even for most girls who desire an independent life as an active and productive member of the society. Besides, the process of globalization has opened up opportunities across the oceans and many of them are too attractive to resist.

A private university like APGSU would help build professional dreams and bring you up to date with the best in the corporate world. A vigorous academic and practical approach with a molding of personality and sharpening of skills would result in an intensely marketable personality who can take on global challenges in multicultural events.

With the eight schools doing so well and developing global connections, it is obvious that the university will gain international recognition too with all the foreign students on board. The ‘Most Promising University in Himachal Pradesh Merit Awards & Merit Research 2017’ indicates a promising future.

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