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Joining AP GOYAL SHIMLA UNIVERSITY is the wisest decision you will ever make!

Picturesque Shimla located at an altitude of 2200 meters in the Himalayan Mountains does remind of a fairy tale, lost amidst traditions and frozen in time.  Founded by the British rulers as a summer resort, the capital of Himachal Pradesh State in India was once the capital of the undivided Punjab. Enjoy the city and its pretty nature surroundings while you study here. Many important historical events unfolded here like the India-Pakistan Shimla Pact. Appreciate the colonial architectural masterpieces while you enjoy the locally grown apples and carry away traditional woodcraft as souvenirs.

Probably the best location for serious study, do your researches well in this cool home away from home for the duration of the bachelors or masters course in the eight different schools within the university. Away from pollution, crowds and noise, the mind is at peace. The absence of political conflict, law and order problems and communal strife ensures that nothing gets in the way of sustained study.

The UGC-approved APG Shimla University

A little universe waits for you in the lap of the Himalayas! Along with the eight schools and the hostels besides the academic infrastructure and the transport facilities, the campus does appear self-contained and prepared in all dimensions. Thoroughness in detail is visible in all aspects that speak of excellent leadership and a sound educational philosophy. Effective coordination and a powerful administration ensure that the system is firmly in place, quite prepared to handle any situation that may arise.

While the choices of colleges and universities are numerous and especially so for foreign students, APGSU is perhaps the best choice that you can make. As many as 25 countries send students to study here and the present tally of foreign students number 700. With a total of about 3600 students, we can well imagine the mighty educational infrastructure at work night and day.

In terms of quality of education, the faculty and curriculum and costs, you would not find a better place. Some universities abroad may provide excellent teaching and curriculum but the fees may be prohibitively expensive. Cultural or linguistic differences may make it difficult to adjust with some places and people. Asian and African students from numerous countries like the immediate neighbors Afghanistan and Nepal send many students to APGSU. They have no adjustment problems since the whole university, like one big family, practices the pursuit of education. Building bridges between cultures and nations is what APGSU has been successfully doing across the years.

A week-long orientation program for the 2017-18 batches

The demand for APGSU seats has been constantly increasing not only across the Indian states but also overseas. It is certainly the first choice among the Himachal Pradesh and North Indian universities. With all the accreditations, honors and rankings, awards and tie-ups with foreign institutions, APGSU is worth the investment in the future.  The realization of the quality of education is felt some years down the road when professional success proves that the educational process has met its goals.

Besides several other heads of schools who addressed the opening session, Pro Chancellor of the University Mr. Ashwani Kumar and Vice Chancellor Dr. Ashok Kumar Raghav inaugurated the very inspiring orientation program for the batch that commences courses in 2017.

Our friends from across the border in Afghanistan

As compared to several other nationalities from far away Nigeria and Togo, students from Afghanistan did not have to travel very long to reach the green campus! Afghanistan is also located on the same Himalayan ranges as APGSU and so an affinity is already provided by nature. Unlike India, Afghanistan is a landlocked country with a population of 33 million and a territory of 252,000 square miles. Surrounding the Islamic country are other Islamic countries like Iran in the west and Pakistan in the south. China is also one of the neighbors far away in the northeast.

Afghanistan has been doing well in recent times after the ups and downs of politics. The country is a member of the United Nations and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation. The country also belongs to the Group of 77, the Economic Cooperation Organization, and the Non-Aligned Movement.

Which is your lucky school of study?

A majority of students serve a single profession during a lifetime though modern competition and development may lead to several areas of specialization. The APGSU training is effective enough for students to obtain global outlooks and perform well in multicultural settings. An international exposure with foreign students and affiliations with universities abroad creates global connections that may serve well as professional networks in the future.

The eight schools with a variety of courses are the Law, Architecture, Management, Hospitality and JMC (journalism and mass communications). The others are Engineering, Applied Sciences and Fashion and Textiles. Courses need to be carefully chosen according to skills, abilities, aptitudes and interests in consultation with parents and teachers for the best chances of success.

The nature of university life and how to succeed

The transformation from school to college may be like the change from inhabiting a pond to the river! Starting problems are natural in the process of adjustment but the orientation lays down many do’s and don’ts. Besides, the teachers and counselors are cooperative and accessible to look into student doubts. Regular meetings ensure that close attention is given.

Like the ripples getting wider in the water, explore the subject and research the future, know the industry and create a plan of action for professional success. Lay the foundation of the future life in the present with all the facilities at APGSU. Respect the values and traditions and learn well from the teachers and seniors.

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