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AP Goyal Shimla University inaugurates the 2017-18 academic session orientation programs

The long drawn out educational process that transforms the child into a global citizen of the 21st century is no easy task. Neither the child nor the institutions involved have it easy going. The week long orientation program meant for the new admissions at APGSU reminds of the often bitter struggle involved in creating productive citizens. A dedication, purpose and direction are essential in the teacher and the taught in order to fulfill the noble goals of education, the mother of all professions. It is education that trains scientists and entrepreneurs, doctors and programmers, attorneys and engineers and so many more to drive the world.

In recent times, education in India has opened up to global influences when we realized that the society has essentially changed. The new universal thinking requires multicultural approaches and global skills. The peaceful political climate and safety of the APGSU campus has steadily attracted foreign students through the few years of its existence. Students of 25 countries have added to the growing student numbers and now the foreign student count stands at 700.

Shimla, a glorious study destination!

The tranquil green Himalayan capital of Himachal Pradesh State in North India offers a pleasant respite from the heat and crowds of the plains. Besides, the APGSU campus is secluded in the lap of nature where the spirit finds rest. Contemplation and serious study become easy in such a surrounding where the greenery, the waterfall and the hills provide solace to the soul. You are indeed free from tensions, pollutions, crowds and noise in the campus as you lay a foundation for professional careers. The innocence of school years has gone by and now it is time to fight intellectual battles.

Welcoming global students to the APGSU fraternity!

Among the numerous nationalities that partner us at the university are our close neighbors Nepal and Bangladesh.

Nepal is culturally close to India as a Hindu kingdom that speaks a language based on the Devanagari script just like Hindi. The close relationship between India and Nepal has stood the test of time and works to mutual advantage. Lord Buddha took birth in Nepal and the Gorkha soldiers brought great credit and work in India even now. Nepal is also deeply associated with the SAARC movement.

Bangladesh may be considered an extension of Bengal and was originally a part of India as East Bengal. Bengal and Bangladesh speak the same Bangla language! The Bangladesh currency taka is a word in the Bangla language. No wonder we have many cultural affinities with Bangladeshis and welcome them with open arms. As close friends, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina visits India and Indian leaders visit Bangladesh too, just across the international border.

The AP Goyal Shimla University promise

The foremost private university in Himachal Pradesh possesses all the awards, affiliations and recognitions and has already carved an important place in the higher educational infrastructure. The university authorities are a dedicated lot and supreme values carry the burden of training productive citizens from day to day. Pro Chancellor Mr. Ashwani Kumar and Vice Chancellor Dr.Ashok Kumar Raghav were present at the inauguration of the week long orientation program to show the direction in which the university winds are blowing.

APGSU presents an educational culture with a difference. While education has become a much-abused commodity in the ocean that is India, only a few universities and colleges are really concerned about the welfare of students and their future. You would find a caring, friendly attitude in the APGSU campus along with the expertise and the skills born of rich qualification and experience. Industry relationships are forever strong among the faculty that goes to great lengths to keep in touch with the latest frontiers of knowledge.

As many as eight departments comprise APGSU

Many universities and institutes concentrate on particular branches of knowledge like management, science or hospitality. It is a mighty feather in the cap that APGSU has been able to maintain and excel in eight departments! Graduate and postgraduate courses are available with the minimum criteria for admission being the Class 12 pass outs. Applied Sciences and Research, Engineering, Law and Architecture are some of the departments that offer a variety of courses.

Backed up by a vibrant infrastructure, there is everything available to pursue successful study and career paths. Professional careers are laid during study courses and a dedication to study today would bring rich dividends in the future. A variety of educational activities in tandem with the faculty, internships andfield visits would finally result in successful placements with some leading companies.

Life at the university

While it is often said that the educational years are spent in dreams, that is far from the truth at APGSU! Student life is certainly a golden life and is probably spent in dreams of happy futures. Yet a successful future comes from serious study of content and the realization of the goals of the particular course. We know that study includes seminars and workshops, presentations, group projects and field visits. In that sense, study everywhere would be similar.

Besides study related activities, a number of clubs and committees provide relief from the rigors of research. Sports and mountain related activities build robust physiques that the competitive professional world of today requires intensely.

Plan your time and make sure that priorities are met, practice healthy habits, take care of your fitness and remain in the right company at APGSU.

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