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Importance of having international students on university campus

The choice of a destination for higher education is often a tough one. Students are faced with various options and numerous factors need to be considered to get on to the final decision. One of the best ways to reach a conclusion is enlisting benefits that a good university must offer. Some of the important factors to consider are infrastructure, faculty education, years of operation, placement statistics, exposure etc.

The exposure offered as a part of the curriculum goes a great way in determining the success and future path of the students. While one can compromise a little on the infrastructure end, exposure is an indispensable attribute.

International alliances and opening doors to international students is a very effective way through which universities facilitate exchange and exposure. While have always heard of Indian students going abroad for higher education in search of greater avenues, theinflow of international students in Indian universities is also not a rare sight anymore. India welcomes large volumes of international students every year that benefit from high educational standards of our country.

AGU welcomes students and interns every year from different parts of the world every year and facilitates a kaleidoscope of cultures and ethnicities on the campus. The exchange of mutual benefits through international tie-ups ensures proper growth and exposure that equips the students to handle global opportunities in the future.

The flow of benefits isn’t one way. International students coming into a university also brings in a wide array of benefits for the domestic students.

Below are some benefits that focus on the importance of international alliances:

Cultural competence: Studying in the same ecosystem with students from various parts of the world makes it possible for students understand diversity between cultures and beliefs. It also allows them to interact with different people and in turn develop competence and perspective to nail opportunities in the global scenario. As they head out into the real world, post completion of university education, it is inevitable that they come across varied cultures and it becomes easier for them to understand and handle the differences.

International students come in every year to AGU and a mutual exchange between the domestic and international students has made it possible for many AGU pass outs to make a mark in the global workspace.

Learn to co-exist: While moral science lessons have emphasized enough on sharing and caring, application in real life is often a challenge. Living with people from other parts of the world and sharing their joys and sorrows, celebrating festivals, playing their sports etc. makes it possible to understand co-existence in the real sense. This ensures that the students are equipped with the competence to live anywhere if their career demands.

The regular celebrations and campus activities at AGU involve all students and their cultures. While there are diverse cultures on board from India itself, the addition of international elements makes it quite a happy scenario. Involvement in different cultural celebrations makes it possible for both sets of students to co-exist and maintain cordial relations.

Respect views: We are often inherently judgmental and a digression from our perception convinces us that only our viewpoint is sensible. Interacting with international students brings in a unique perspective. While co-existence can be facilitated easily, perspective building and opposing view acceptance come in with maturity. Exposure to differences enables this maturity.

Enhance Communication skills: Domestic students can observe commendable changes in their communication skills by interacting with the international students on campus. After graduation, most of the students head out to careers that require interaction across the world. The first-time encounters may leave one jittery and thus affect the quality of interaction. Having international students on campus makes it easier by either teaching a foreign language or just improving general communication skills by allowing to listen and understand better.

Regular panel discussions, group activities, public speaking and general interaction among domestic and international students at AGU makes it possible for both the parties to work on their communication skills and be better ready to face the world.

Improve critical thinking ability: Comfortable interactions are often made up of like-minded people but meaningful interactions that intrigue you and encourage to think better are often ones that aren’t with carbon copies. Both parties can benefit greatly when interacting with someone from another part of the globe by thinking out of the box. Critical understanding of subjects comes easy when different viewpoints come together in the same battleground. Lesser diversity leads to close mindedness and ignorance to things and happenings around the world.

Better placement opportunities: International exchange is a great way to access better jobs around the world. It is a process of give and take. The alliances allow for meaningful relationships in terms of opportunities. Take for instance a university in China that may send its students to a university in India for internship will definitely oblige by offering similar opportunities to Indian students there.

AGU has tie-ups with 9 international universities across the world and it has made it possible for students to access numerous opportunities around the world.

Dedicated admissions and counseling team at AGU makes sure that there is an inflow of international students every year that in turn help in mutual benefits and immense exposure. AGU offers great opportunities to know about the world and prove your worth globally.

International exposure turns out to be quite beneficial and you must grab the opportunity while you have it. You will be proud to be associated with diversity at the core that will work to make you better both personally and professionally.

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