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Benefits of studying at a University on a hill station

The choice of an ideal university for higher education is often a tough one. It depends on a variety of factors such as entrance score, placement records, faculty quality, infrastructure etc. The location of the university also plays an important role in defining the entire experience of studying at the university. The experience of stay influences overall satisfaction and success at the academic endeavor. A university in a hill station proves to be a rejuvenating experience owing to the below benefits that it has to offer:

A perfect place to relax:

The cool weather at a hill station makes it a perfect place to relax. Due to heat in most other places the body gets lethargic and unproductive. In a place where the degrees of temperature are swaying more towards the lower end of the scale is conducive to the human body as well as a boon for studying and concentrating on growth. Beautiful weather helps one to relax and motivates to work harder.

Rejuvenation of mind is essential to the process of learning and grasping information. The weather and tranquility motivate individuals to put in more effort without much strain.

Post work and study stress are also addressed effectively with the rejuvenating weather that helps you stride through the stressful days.

AGU is located in the queen of hills, ‘Shimla’ and offers the best weather and prospects for relaxation. Close proximity to the mall road offers a strategic location that is the best of both worlds. A campus away from the commercialization of big cities and easy access to the necessities and materialistic fun.

Rejuvenate away from the madness of cities:

Imagine yourself sitting with your books, outside your dorm room overlooking the scenes of beautiful cliffs and lush green scenery. Isn’t that a rejuvenation from a day long of stress? It also helps one concentrate on studies for fresh air has proven to be a facilitator of productivity.

Cities, wide roads, and heavy traffic, on the other hand, are far from serenity. All of us remain at the tip of our toes watching the madness develop in a city and hence curl up within the stress that the hustle bustle has to offer.

A hill station is a much-deserved respite from the fast-moving world that forgets to breathe. Ample breathing space ensures that your academics receive your attention that stems from a refreshed mind and body.

AGU subtracts the ever-rising speed from your city routines and helps you meet nature with its campus that offers beautiful views of the hill station.

Enjoy your sports

Energy is abundant in a hill station. The refreshed health facilitated by the lovely environment makes it a breeze to enjoy sports. You can grab your ball and other equipment at any time of the day and head out for a sport. The absence of scorching heat and horrid city weather helps enjoy sports at any time. A plethora of fitness activities and extra curricular engagements are up for offer in a hill station. Trekking enthusiasts can enjoy their course thoroughly.

Less humidity and absence of strong sunlight resulting in less physical stress, help in achieving impressive results.

The huge playgrounds at beautiful AGU campus help enjoy sports and offer an opportunity for all round development. You could play football, volleyball, badminton and any other sports of your choice and enjoy your course along with embracing fitness.

Fresh Air and Less pollution:

Away from the city traffic with fewer vehicles on road, there is much less pollution than other cities. The altitude and location offer fresher air that in turn facilitates health and well being. When diseases stay at bay it is easier to stay focussed and engrossed with studies.

Students at AGU are known to maintain high attendance records owing to lesser diseases. The location allows them to make the best of their classroom sessions and extra- curricular activities by staying hail and hearty.

Low cost of living: Hill stations mostly offer the necessities at reasonable prices as they are far from commercialization. It is a great refreshment to the pocket of a student who has to survive on limited money.

While Shimla has lately faced the brunt of commercialization, it is still inexpensive as compared to the bigger cities. Studying at AGU ensures that you shell out as less money as possible and save for the future.

A hill station with its several benefits is a perfect place to concentrate on growth.  It is a place of isolation that is conducive to learning and an apt location for weekend getaways. At AGU, college seems like a big vacation where learning is a breeze. An active mind is a space for creating, understanding and absorbing the content essential for growth. All essential ingredients for one to study and fare well in further education is made available in a beautiful way.

There are various opportunities for education in hill stations. These education centers are in high demand among top scorers and AGU is one of them. Attending a reputed university in a hill station is recommended keeping health and success in mind.

People love going to a hill station for their holidays, why not, make it your place of abode for the years of your study and enjoy as you learn. It’d not be wrong to say, learn as you enjoy for AGU offers it all to ensure a great learning experience.

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