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The British Summer Capital & Eight Education Departments welcome Foreign Students at AP Goyal Shimla University

In order to succeed in academics and professionally, you need to be zealous about a particular subject or area of expertise. In this specialized world when education, training, and technology have reached epic dimensions, superficial knowledge will not be sufficient to pursue a successful career. No wonder that hundreds of students travel across the world to satisfy their quest for quality education. Among the most favored study destinations in North India is AP Goyal Shimla University that is located in picturesque Shimla where the mind is at rest amidst the serene Himalayan Mountain ranges. Most university campuses worldwide are located outside the busy, noisy and polluted towns and cities. In the quiet of the countryside and far away from the humdrum of civilization, serious study is best pursued. Yet the educational infrastructure including technology, transport and communications, banking and medicine need to be available for a comprehensive experience.

Hostel accommodation, a variety of cuisines, games, and sports, gymnasium and a well-endowed library are the other facilities that wait for the international student amidst the Shimla hillsides.

A university like none other

Realize your dreams at APSU! With students across the many states and cultures of India and abroad from 25 countries, an orientation to the university life is essential. Coming from diverse backgrounds of religion, language, dress and culture, they would live together like a single family for the duration of the course that may extend over several semesters. Probably the Indian students would find the adjustment process easier compared to their foreign counterparts but regional differences within India can be diverse enough. What unites all the 3600 students of the university is a common goal to accomplish academic and professional success and bring credit to themselves and the family, university, town, and country. With 700 foreign students, it is a cosmopolitan, multicultural universe.

APSU welcomes many nationalities each year

Among many Asian and African students who study at APSU are the Nigerians who have come a long way from their homes. Nigeria is a major oil producing country and has the highest population in Africa with 167 million. Like India, Nigeria was also a British colony once upon a time. Along with the official English, their chief languages are Yoruba, Ibo, and Hausa. Islam and Christianity besides indigenous beliefs are the main faiths. Muhammadu Buhari is the President.

Shimla, the British summer capital

The APSU campus is not located amidst the urban capital of Himachal Pradesh state but along the quiet highway. The British founded Shimla in 1819 after the Gorkha war, dedicated to the Hindu Goddess Shyamala Devi. The British loved the cool air of Shimla so much that they made it the summer capital. Rejuvenate in this climate particularly if you grew up in polluted cities. Let the heart and soul rest and revive under the magical influence of Shimla. Dream at the vision of the pretty snow-capped peaks far away.

The colonial flavor is still around in spite of the recent expansion. The Mall and Scandal Point are two venues that fill the mind with thoughts of the past. Love the Anglo-Saxon names and the mighty old constructions during weekends, away from the academic rigors.

A successful university education

If you are fresh from 12 years of schooling, some adjustment would be necessary. Graduates who join postgraduate courses would be better adjusted to the world of the university. Teachers and counselors besides the hostel staff and the foreign student in charges are ready to guide at every step. It is true that a greater independence comes in the college since children can take care of themselves now as compared to the school.

Make sure that the precious study opportunity is not misused. Adhere to the rules and timings and be loyal to the student groups and teachers. Take some additional responsibilities wherever possible. Manage time carefully and make sure that assignments and projects are completed well on time.

Slackening on university requirements will mean rewriting examinations and targets may not be fulfilled. Give your best to the internship program and aim to impress seniors and supervisors.

Lots of choices among the courses available

Though India has hundreds of universities, only a few of them offer the broad range of subjects and areas of specialization as APGSU. The courses are enriched through affiliations with institutes and universities abroad and student and teacher exchanges provide international exposure. Academic excellence is achieved through abundant research and publications online and in hard copy journals in order to remain ahead in the knowledge category.

Industry relevance and constantly updated curriculums that achieve pragmatic approaches coupled with the effective teaching of concepts through seminars and workshops keep the teacher and taught busy eternally. There is never an idle moment across the semesters. Some departments most in demand are the Management and Hospitality fields that face intense global demand nowadays. Traditional courses like Engineering and Technology besides Applied Sciences and Research continue to be popular as they will always be. Perhaps Law or Fashion and Textiles courses would be preferred by some students.

You should be constantly updating yourself through additional study besides classes through library books, the internet, industry news, and lectures, to stay ahead in a very competitive world.

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