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The world class Infrastructure at AP Goyal Shimla University speaks for itself

Learning is best when the desire is high and the location and infrastructure don’t matter if perseverance is in the right place. A good infrastructure, however, is a catalyst to desire and motivation. It also equips a student with all the necessities for a worthwhile academic experience.

Education has evolved to rely greatly on facilities provided and a good infrastructure is a bare minimum for a university to be a good choice for your career decisions.

Below are some factors that determine the quality of infrastructure of a university:

Well-equipped classrooms:

It is important that the infrastructure at a university be at par with the global standards. While it isn’t compulsory to offer five-star facilities, it is great if the classrooms are built in a way to incorporate all modern facilities and instruction aids. Air conditioning in classrooms has found a way into the norm of various good universities and is complemented well by classes designed in a way that includes superior teaching aids such as audio video material, good ventilation, projector systems and the like.

The classrooms at AGU are designed to be at par with the standards and combine modern technology with good planning to form instruction spaces that the students would not like to escape.


Extra-curricular activities are an essential component of a curriculum that ensure overall development. Adequate space in a university to carry out elocutions, presentations, annual events and team activities is a great attribute of a good university. An auditorium or Amphitheatre serves the purpose just right.

The auditorium at AGU is designed to accommodate a large number of people and is ideal for conferences, events, and regular interactions. It offers the opportunity to students for face to face interaction with global thought leaders, various big names of academics and corporate leaders who share their experience.


A library with a comprehensive collection of books is a must have for any university to offer the option to students to access any references and course aids that they may want to refer for their projects or research.

The library at AGU is an Integrated Knowledge Resource Centre that is packed with over 2 lakh books. The books include periodicals, references, academic studies, national and international journals and research material. The library has more than 17000 online journals for the benefit of students.

Playgrounds and sports facilities:

Sports play a major role in the overall development of students and it is bliss to study in a university that houses a huge playground and encourages sports by participating and state and national level events. Regular access to sports equipment is also a valuable attribute.

The excellent sports facilities at AGU offer opportunities to their students for lifestyle management, regular work out, and interaction. The well-maintained playground and a vast inventory of sports equipment at AGU is an infrastructure aspect that the students boast about.


Staying away from home isn’t very pleasant at the onset of it but a good hostel is sure to make the students feel at home. Comfort is definitely a factor that is going to add to the motivation and a peaceful and welcoming dorm room will maintain interest in studies and ensure a satisfactory academic experience.

AGU offers well maintained and guarded hostel facilities for boys and girls separately within the University Campus. Trained staff and a vigilant security ensure an enjoyable stay allowing students to concentrate on academics. The life in the hostel emulates a home like experience that wards off homesickness.

Also, the hostel life allows students to interact with their colleagues and peers, make friends, and develop into healthy human beings capable of independent judgment and competent in handling the day-to-day pressures of life.

On-campus medical facilities:

Medical emergencies are often unforeseen and the readiness of the university to deal with sudden health issues or first aid requirements determines the well-being of students.

To ensure students’ well-being, AGU provides excellent medical facilities with a full-time team of good doctors available 24×7 within the Campus.

Wheel chairs, Stretchers, and other equipment are readily available. Ambulance facility is also available on the Campus in the case of any emergency.


Well, this one is self-explanatory for security is the primary concern of parents before they send their students to a university. Vigilant security is a mandate for the students and parents to feel safe.

Your child is always safe at AGU with 24*7 security, fire protection, CCTV coverage and other security facilities. Students are our responsibility and we ensure to take care of them. The anti-ragging policy also ensures the safety of students as they make their mark in their academic fields at AGU campus.

Internet facilities:

Research and networking in the web era are possible only through seamless internet connectivity. A good campus must have a well-configured network that allows internet access as well as uninterrupted access to web resources.

The LAN set up at AGU has been configured to offer unlimited internet access for academic purposes and also encompasses the hostels as the area of coverage. Making projects and searching information for assignments and exam preparation are made possible through uninterrupted access.

Dining hall:

Staying away from home should not mean that you stay hungry or dissatisfied with the most important aspect of life, food. Proper canteen and dining facilities at a university with hygienic implementation are required so that the nutrition requirements of students are met.

The pantry and dining facilities at AGU employ trained cooking staff that stays on the campus and cooks luscious food under stringently quality checked conditions. Hygiene is the primary focus while considering food and variety is ensured through a planned menu that encompasses dishes that ensure a balanced diet. AGU also understands that students may crave for more than the simple meals and hence the menu include lovely fast food options to impress the taste buds.

A proper study and learning environment is endured if students are comfortable and satisfied at all aspects concerning day to day life. The infrastructure of AGU is just perfect to offer adequate comfort for a great learning experience.

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