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AP Goyal Shimla University – a paradise for foreign students in India

When global statistics are considered, the truth is that hundreds of thousands of students migrate globally in order to fulfill academic dreams each year. A large number of Indian students study in America besides other international destinations. China similarly receives a vast number of foreign students. It should be remembered that China and America have the biggest educational infrastructure, followed by India in third place. APGSU has its share of foreign students mainly from Asia and Africa, from as many as 19 countries, numbering over 400.

Why should so many foreign students study at APGSU?

A peaceful natural oasis at the university is a mighty blessing unlike many cramped institutes in the midst of cities with all the distractions. The mind is at peace in the serene lap of the Himalayas where study can be accomplished in earnest, far away from urban jungles.

As compared to some countries that seem to be embedded in perpetual political or communal conflict, peace here is a precious commodity. The campus is quite free from social, political or communal problems that may occur in the vicinity of the capital Delhi but Shimla is far enough from all the complications. Disputes regarding culture, language, religion and nationality do not exist and the university authorities take pains to maintain a harmonious atmosphere.

What factors attract foreign students?

When we consider the large scale foreign students particularly in the developed countries like England and Australia, it is obvious that high academic standards attract them. As a result of study overseas, students hope to reach greater professional designations and enjoy a better lifestyle with all the perks like a big house and a luxury car besides a huge income.

If you consider the curriculum, technology having developed so rapidly, exchange of information has become very easy.  Nothing can be kept a secret any longer. The curriculums of the leading colleges of the west have been copied and are being taught even by the smaller institutions.

The desire to travel, see the world and experience a different culture and nationality is universal. Everybody would like to step across the international borders and cross the oceans at least once in a lifetime.

Some wealthy students may consider it a fashion or a trend to study for degrees in faraway destinations because the wanderlust is so strong. It is a good idea to discover the globe now that the media like the TV and the internet has opened up many great windows of opportunities.

Students who step outside their comfort zone in the spirit of adventure and exploration to study abroad should certainly be encouraged. Such exchanges build cooperation and understanding on a global level. Building bridges is what the student community should succeed in doing. Mingling of students and teacher nationalities during school and college education brings racial understanding and puts an end to conflicts.

Indian colleges and universities including APJSU have succeeded in attracting a large number of foreign students who are charmed by the high standards of faculty and availability of quality infrastructure. The campus and the hostels are safe and the food is of good quality, healthy and hygienic. Indians are good hosts and the university authorities make foreign students feel at home. Complicated official formalities are followed regarding admissions concerning foreign students and the university makes every arrangement to ease the process of adjustment.

Since costs also matter so much, quality education and hostel infrastructure with excellent food catering are available at a fraction of the cost students would pay in certain developed countries! The same situation applies to medical costs in India that has led to medical tourism from many neighboring countries. It is hoped that the blessings of the 5000-year-old Indian civilization would extend to the whole world in terms of education and health facilities.

Scholarships attract many meritorious students

The tuition fees and living expenses in some advanced countries like Australia would be very much beyond the capacity of average Indians to pay. Universities offer scholarships to students with good scores that may be partly or fully funded by charitable organizations. Banks offer educational loans too that may be repaid over two decades when the students get into salaried jobs after the successful completion of studies.

Global networking of alumni connect the past and the future

Though the university has just started its inspiring work, having been established in 2012, global contacts through affiliations have created valuable partnerships in the search for excellence. Going beyond Asia to Europe and beyond, the teachers and the students have forged great destinies. No man is an island as somebody truly said and the shape of the future is a common labor to safeguard human life and existence. The preservation of the environment should be considered top priority. APGSU is the way to the successful future for a generation of foreign students with sweet dreams of togetherness in the coming years.

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