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Experience the Vibrant Student Life in AGU on the path to Accomplished Careers

Rome was not built in a day and school careers also took twelve years to complete. Education and careers certainly cannot be compared to fast food. Nothing happens quickly in life and patience and perseverance over the long term would succeed in gaining experience and succeeding at study or professions.  Yet everybody wants success fast and cannot wait. In that sense, business management careers show the fastest promotions and are very high in demand across the world.

APG Shimla University offers an excellent choice of courses, academic, research based and professional courses. In terms of the search for outstanding careers, the professional courses are most promising in terms of placement that would come after the internship at the end of the course. Not all institutes are so successful in providing excellent placements though they may make many claims.

The best study occurs in natural settings

Successful study is possible when the mind is at peace and free from the stress factors. If a student is always concerned about professional worries, the mind is diverted from the work at hand.  In the bountiful lap of the Himalayan mountain nature paradise, serious study and contemplation come naturally to the students. We cannot help remembering the holy men who meditate in the remote Himalayas, away from the frantic world of civilization. Come and experience the peace that only nature can provide though every modern convenience is offered at the university campus.

Can you imagine the life where the green fields and the blue sky provide the inspiration to rise above the commonplace? The life of values must have a purpose and direction. Service to society and humanity and saving the environment are some salient factors. The green campus conveys a strong message of environmental preservation and a life of communal harmony and feeling.

A global presence on the campus

Indian education has opened up to the international community and about 400 students from 19 countries study at APGSU. That is rich global exposure indeed for Indian students who may never have stepped out of the native village or small town. We do have students who hail from the mega cities of Delhi and Mumbai and elsewhere.  Being open to multicultural influences has become an important part of educational achievement because the future may require the ability to work abroad amidst cosmopolitan environments.  The internet has turned the world into a local marketplace and online advertisements, applications and interviews make it possible to quickly get appointments across the world with the right qualifications and experience.

An interesting campus life full of activities

The two, three or four years spent at the campus may have turned dull if it was not for the hyperactive life that the students and faculty lead. Much depends upon the policy and philosophy of the university authorities. A dynamic approach to life, education, industry and careers results in a no-nonsense approach to fulfilling all the requirements of the courses. The students are constantly on a search as a result of intellectual zeal and curiosity. Building up portfolios, completing assignments, workshops and seminars, presentations and industry visits, something dramatic happens each day.

Lots to do by way of recreation

Besides academics and the life of clubs and committees, the fabulous auditorium is the venue for a world of cultural activities. Like everywhere around the world, gyms hold a special interest for young people and rightly so at the much facilitated gym. Why not embark on mountain adventures too? Play games like table tennis, billiards and snooker. Maybe indulge in boxing and volleyball, cycling and mountain trekking.

Food matters so much and the most nourishing and delicious mess food is served to the boys and girls by quality caterers. Foodies get a chance to indulge in diverse food styles at an ultra-modern cafeteria too.

APGSU is a highly awarded university

The sustained study, work and research culture at the university may be attributed to the high quality faculty, curriculum and infrastructure that won several awards through the last few years. The young university already shows mighty promise as it learns to fly among the highest peaks of learning.  As the decades pass by, we know that great things will happen out here.

Merit Awards and Merit Research in 2017 named APGSU the most promising university in Himachal Pradesh. Global Quality Awards in 2015 awarded APGSU for Quality Education in a Private University. ASSOCHAM termed it the best private upcoming university in the hills in 2013.

Those are three of the many awards and recognitions besides affiliations and student and teacher exchanges with universities abroad. The teachers and the taught work in this nature tryst in the shadow of extraordinary achievement. The light of knowledge burns bright while the curriculum is constantly updated to be more and more in tune with industry specific needs.

While the 2017 batches have now commenced or are busy getting oriented, several batches came earlier and provided the torch that showed the way. Each group works on the foundation of the previous batch and achievements and attainments get multiplied. So it has been the same success story in mighty institutions across the world. Institutions hundreds of years old study the similar curriculum in the same way except that they have longer traditions and more elaborate alumni.

A mini-city at APGSU comprises every facility and convenience

Students from across the Indian states and many countries of Asia and Africa study at APGSU. The infrastructure supports a huge student family according to their needs. Banking facilities and the ATM are available, as are transport and medical facilities. A variety of food at the hostels for boys and girls take good care of nutritional requirements. A disciplined and thought provoking ambience leaves students in no doubt that they have come to the best venue to study. Dreams academic and professional will certainly get fulfilled over a prolonged period of study and activities. Meanwhile, do your duties in all dedication from day to day.

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