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AP Goyal Shimla University now elevated to Rank among the Top Indian Private Universities for 2017!

Though it is only five years since AP Goyal Shimla University was launched in 2012, the India Today ranking has been a much-deserved reward. It means a lot to those university authorities who have toiled night and day for a place in the sun. Just imagine the vast number of universities that cater to the billion and more strong Indian nation. How did the 600 consultants rank the universities and arrive at the 26th position for APGSU among the top 50 private universities established after 2000?

The university ranking criteria

One would expect that the academic quality would seem most important in terms of learned and experienced professors who drive home salient messages to students each day. Besides book knowledge, life lessons, soft skills, and industry exposure are also crucial factors. Moral instruction and values play an important part. Higher education is not information transfer alone though most would think that the school has laid the foundation of life earlier.

Student welfare and security is attended to in all seriousness with a well-organized and administered infrastructure in place. Hostel facilities do require round the clock vigilance and the system is proactively managed in the coeducational higher learning atmosphere.

Research publications by the faculty have become common since effective teaching is based on up to date knowledge and research. The faculty is constantly busy with the collection of teaching materials based on which intensive research leads to online and hard copy publications that widen the horizons of knowledge in the eight departments. Seeking knowledge restlessly is the hallmark of academic search and practical concerns need to be balanced for an effective and fulfilling professional life.

Global opportunities look up everywhere not only with the 400 foreign students that grace the university campus but the many tie-ups with foreign universities and institutes. The 19 countries globally that bring students to AP GOYAL SHIMLA UNIVERSITY include Nepal, Bhutan, and Bangladesh, our close Asian neighbors across the international border. African students from Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, and Zambia also study here. Many more nationalities make the campus an international destination where minds and bodies flower in great dimensions to take up the challenges of contemporary competition.

Xinyu University, China, Whitireia New Zealand Institute of Technology, UCAM (Catholic University San Antonio of Murcia), Spain, and Szent Istvan University (Szie), Hungary represent some of the international affiliations. They certainly mean a lot in spreading the light of knowledge. China Agricultural University and the University of Lodz, Poland are some connections besides several more. Being connected online and exchange of information and research findings, faculty collaborations and industry infrastructure ensure that a high level of competency is reached by the students and the staff.

Student and teacher exchange programs are constantly broadening the contacts and corporate identities. A global outlook alone can succeed amidst the 21st-century complexities of life, business, culture, and identity.

Placement opportunities in the professional courses open the doors to mega businesses through internships and appointments that may well last a lifetime. Dedicated service in a single company is often more successful than being a butterfly that visits many flowers. Over the years, placements with leading companies have become a regular feature with an assurance of 100% placement. Some companies have become regular recruiters in the campus and internships and guest lectures get students familiar with the companies. Accenture, Bajaj, Cape-Gemini, CISCO, and Infosys have offered lucrative placements. University partnerships include Tata Sponge Iron Ltd., Welspun Steels Ltd., Bihar Foundry & Castings Ltd., Invert Sugar India Pvt. Ltd., Sarika Industries, Meenakshi Enterprises, Eagle Securities and Sarda Energy & Minerals Ltd.

Reputations certainly matter and AP GOYAL SHIMLA UNIVERSITY got a big boost with the India Today ranking for 2017. The best services are rendered without expectations of reward and the staff out here has worked very hard in the initial setting up process that continued over several years. Just like Rome cannot be built in a day, colleges and universities do take really long to put the infrastructure together though technology has speeded up many of the areas nowadays.

The AP GOYAL SHIMLA UNIVERSITY diamond has eight facets

Graduate and postgraduate, academic, research and professional degrees are awarded through study programs in eight fields. Some departments offer dual degrees that may extend to five years. Such courses are getting popular and convenient like a long term assurance of excellence without the hassle of changing institutions and admissions again.

  • Engineering & Technology
  • Applied Science & Research
  • Architecture
  • Management
  • Fashion designing
  • Hospitality
  • Legal studies
  • Journalism and mass communications

An emerging star among Indian private universities

Only five years in existence, the University Grants Commission approved AP GOYAL SHIMLA UNIVERSITY has many miles to go yet. In the case of many far older universities, we may say that their infrastructure and reputation developed over the decades. AP GOYAL SHIMLA UNIVERSITY possesses the infrastructure and the faculty to make a mark not only nationally but in the international education scenario.  On the other hand, the advantages of freshness are also important in a brand new infrastructure. AP GOYAL SHIMLA UNIVERSITY possesses what it takes to shine like a radiant star over many decades of further development after a firm foundation has already been established.

As the only private university in Shimla, AP GOYAL SHIMLA UNIVERSITY is promoted by the AP Goyal Charitable Trust, New Delhi. Established in June 2012, it is a non-profit privately funded university by the Himachal Pradesh State Government. The promoters of the university represent the elite like former directors of IITs and the National Law University besides corporate authorities. AP GOYAL SHIMLA UNIVERSITY has all the promise and the potential to develop into an Ivy League status that is nowadays enjoyed by Princeton University and Harvard University and the like.

We wish to share ideas and knowledge across the academic universe. The local and global levels concern us equally well as we believe in setting up conducive learning environments to aid accomplishment professionally and socially.

The curriculum balances theory with practice and interactive classrooms with presentations and case studies develop interesting and effective learning experiences.

Students have plenty to do besides academics in clubs and nature-based activities amidst the Himalayan tapestry. Theater, dancing, yoga, and sports should keep them productively busy.

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