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AP Goyal Shimla University welcomes international students in quest of great careers

If your field of higher education in search of undergraduate, postgraduate and dual degrees happens to be Law, Applied Science and Research, Management or Hospitality, why not study at a premier university in North India? APGSU that nestles in the lap of the Himalayan Mountains also offers degrees in Architecture, Engineering and Technology, Journalism and Mass Communications and Fashion and Textile Design. The eight schools cover almost all the areas of research and business that are getting popular and lucrative nowadays along with the newly emerging fields. The best education keeps industry requirements in mind while framing relevant curriculums that would lead to worthy careers for a lifetime. Internships and placements for professional courses introduce students to the complex world of work after thorough grooming and personality building.

The boy or girl fresh out of 12 years of school education undergoes a thorough training process not only in academics but in many practical aspects to build contemporary thinking and a competitive personality. Such a person is prepared for professional battles but is value based and conscientious too. Working in multicultural environments is the need of the moment since the world has turned into a global village under the impact of technology. Graduates who have completed at least 15 years of a combined school and college career are qualified to join the postgraduate courses and they are far more mature. Yet they need a further course of training and experience to cope up with the professional requirements at a higher level. Some graduates work for years before they opt for postgraduate studies to get a better chance of success at senior positions in a range of top notch industries in India and abroad.

APGSU ranks among the top Indian universities

Awarded the 26th position among private universities established after the year 2000 by India Today, APGSU is only five years old but has achieved a mighty reputation already. Following the path of integrity and dedication to the noble cause of education, the faculty represents the best minds in India and across the world. The emphasis is on a global culture because that is where the present day world is moving towards. Over 400 students from as many as 19 countries mostly in Asia and Africa have made the university campus their temporary home.

No matter which country, religion or language is your culture, APGSU will find a career path for you with a robust training session that combines all the best in theory and practical training that exists across the world. The teaching methods and the study modules mirror whatever is practiced in the leading colleges and universities across the world.

No institute, college or university can be an island nowadays but must accommodate a variety of cultures and that is what APGSU did. Each year brings a new batch of interested, vibrant youngsters who have come all the way from Bangladesh, Tanzania or Sri Lanka, for instance. The formalities are a little complicated for foreign students as compared to the Indian students but official procedures have to be followed. The administration takes particular care since it is a sensitive process of welcoming a new nationality and integrating them with the local culture. A determined effort is made by the caring authorities to put the children at home as quickly as possible.

Once the adjustment period and orientation are done, it is a grand new beginning. It is for certain that a new sunrise is about to be witnessed. The courses, curriculums, and industry specific requirements ensure the elevation of thought, ideas, skills and personalities in a quickly ongoing process across the few semesters in the campus.

Study in picturesque environments blessed by the Himalayas

Locals believe that the gods reside on mountain abodes. The serene beauty of the green landscape with rocks and hills beside waterfalls for the company would prove to be an appropriate place for study as it is for meditation. Far away from city distractions, enclosed in the warmth of nature, concentrate on concepts and workshops, presentations and assignments since semesters often get very busy.  Aim for a physically active life to balance the efforts of the mind and participate in invigorating sports based on trekking and mountaineering, rock climbing etc. Nature would nurture you through the difficult years along with a learned and distinguished faculty abounding in sustained industry experience.

Student and faculty exchange programs with foreign universities

The University Grants Commission approved APGSU was established in 2012. Tie-ups with several prestigious Indian and foreign universities have brought a wealth of ideas, contacts and precious learning cultures through an amalgamation of like-minded students, professors and researchers. Student exchanges and faculty development programs are constantly pursued with the purpose of enriching the acquisition of knowledge with a contemporary slant to stay ahead of the competition and achieve cherished goals.

IOBQ in Delhi and the University of Maribor in Slovenia are some of those links. China Agricultural University and Mogilev State A. Kuleshov University, Belarus are others. UCAM (Catholic University San Antonio of Murcia), Spain and Whitireia New Zealand Institute of Technology besides several more associations constantly keep the students and faculty in a state of fluidity as they search the universe and industry for answers to their searching questions.

How would foreign students benefit from the APGSU experience?

We attend school and college to gradually witness the unfolding of potential in terms of knowledge, skills, and experience.  The distinguished faculty assists students on their quest to accomplish the academic and professional goals by laying a firm foundation for the future.  The inclusive learning experience goes beyond books to discover pragmatic horizons for a fuller understanding of life’s complexities.  Whether it is the service, research or business dream, students are fully equipped to competence and character for the future world.  Academics and intensive research go hand in hand to plumb the depths of thought.  The advanced laboratory and library facilities would facilitate the deeper thinking in subjects like engineering, technology, and the sciences. Creativity and innovation are constantly on the agenda to engage the best minds.

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