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LAW as successful career at AP Goyal Shimla University

A lawyer or a legal practitioner is someone that studies and practices law. A thorough knowledge of practices and laws in the country or legislation of practice makes them competent enough to be a lawyer. Every country has its own set of acts whereas there is a common set of legal knowledge that is obtained through a degree from a university. Working as a lawyer is not only a career but also an everyday challenge. A lawyer faces a variety of people from all areas of life with various complications. The challenges must be met with a skillset sufficient to see through maligns and manipulations and just memorizing books and journals doesn’t suffice for a practical application.

AP Goyal Shimla University ensures that a law candidate is well equipped with the sufficient expertise and entire skillset to ace legal battles and issues that they are going to encounter in their career.

Skills needed to be a successful lawyer

Inquisitive nature, close detailing, logical reasoning, persuasiveness, sound judgment and the ability to write are the significant skills required for a good career as a lawyer. Along with these here are a few more skills which should be imbibed in an aspiring candidate to have a successful career in law:

  1. Command over language
  2. Oratory skills
  3. Attitude, Aptitude,and Analytics
  4. Habit of reading
  5. Teamwork
  6. Emotional intelligence
  7. Financial literacy
  8. Time management
  9. Technological knowledge

A successful career in the field of law can be obtained through various avenues. One can practice independently after working as a junior under an experienced lawyer or can opt to work as an in-house lawyer for a business organization. This is equivalent to being a legal advisor but will be considered as a lawyer facing all legal obligations of the organization.

While AGU enables students to take up jobs with reputed organizations or internships sunder big names in the sphere, it also makes sure that they are well endowed with the above skills in order to make it worth the time and effort.

Career Path

Academic excellence, leadership qualities and interest in rules and regulations during college form the core of a law career. A law school accepts students with good grades and those who involve actively in campus and such students must exhibit involvement in community activities related to law. These activities are conducted to help students learn the various facets of law besides preparing them for entrance exams. For instance, an anti-domestic violence community activity helps students understand domestic violence cases.

After graduating from a law school every student must pass the bar examination and a good college will have you prepared for this as well. Once a student gets the bar examination certificate, he/she can start practicing individually or in a firm, a government organization, an NGO or a corporation. Also, higher education in the field of law can be chosen if a student aspires to take up a master’s degree in law and doctoral degree in philosophy considering law as the core subject of study.

Law graduates from AGU have assumed important legal positions in prominent organizations in the past and have also secured internships or assistantships under established lawyers or law firms.

In-house lawyer: One of the good career options in the field of law

One of the most popular careers in the field of law which offer job stability is that of an in-house lawyer. With the growth of business and its needs, as a company grows by its size, there is a rise in legal complications as well. Such legal issues need to be addressed by a qualified lawyer. Any kind of legal proceeding needs a lot of paperwork and documentation. In today’s busy world business associates find it difficult to carry all the documents to a lawyer’s office and also when a lawyer is practicing separately in his/her office, they have many clients. Hence, a lawyer is hired and designated as an in-house lawyer. An in-house lawyer concentrates only on the company he/she works for and all the paperwork and documentations, legal proceedings, legal advice are under the control of this in-house lawyer. It is a well-paying career choice that can be opted for.

Many students graduating from AGU have assumed important positions as In-house lawyers in various corporate establishments and are pursuing a stable career in the field.

A good law school with all the facilities will be able to produce the best lawyers by imbibing ethical and moral values in them. Every lawyer is critical for a nation’s growth and well-being. Career growth and salary are dependent on the cases a lawyer takes up and one can have a great career ahead after gaining good experience.

AGU makes sure that a graduating law student is equipped with the right expertise to shoulder the responsibilities that are vested in him as a lawyer. The right levels of empathy and fair play are also inculcated as basics of the profession.

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