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The Ideal infrastructure of a University offering Hospitality Courses

A career in the hospitality industry is a coveted one and a course in hospitality is sought after owing to the great demand and glamour associated with the field. Globalization and tourism have increased the scope for hospitality management graduates who are trained in business, human resources, customer services and other aspects of the hospitality industry. The career also poses various challenges when it comes to attending people of various tastes and concerns. A thorough training in guest behavior, handling, and other aspects is a pre-requisite at the college level in order to ensure a successful and smooth career.

AP Goyal Shimla University churns out the best professionals each year that make a mark in the industry with their personality, expertise and polished approach.

The below are few essential criteria that an institution must meet in order to ensure hospitality professionals trained to do well in the industry:

Importance of Good infrastructure

A college offering hospitality courses should have well-equipped labs and other infrastructure in order to ensure quality education. It should be fully equipped so that students get exposed to the various facilities in a top-class hotel or a similar establishment. This ensures vast practical knowledge that is much more important than merely the theory curriculum. The students are able to understand each area well by gaining exposure and hands-on knowledge of each domain within the industry through a successful emulation in one of these labs. Industrial visits and training are also important but they span across a shorter duration and regular exposure during the course plays its role successfully. The facilities provided in college are of great help to aspiring students who want to make a good career in the hotel management industry even in terms of comfort and ease of operation that they gain from long-term access.

Ideal Infrastructure

Below is the ideal infrastructure which is a must for every college offering a hospitality course.

  1. Basic Training Kitchen: A vertical of the hospital management course is the kitchen operations and that calls for a good kitchen to give the students a hang of its functions. The equipment in the kitchen, the safety considerations, the hygiene etc. should all be visualized practically for successful application in future. A basic training kitchen must be set up inside the campus as a facility for practical classes and to facilitate great chefs. It should be equipped with modern kitchen equipment and tools. Students are exposed to the art of cookery here which is an essential aspect of the industry.
  2. The basic training kitchen at AGU has all the equipment and facilities that accustom prospective kitchen professionals to the basics and also train them to deal with the kitchen as they step out into the professional ecosystem.
  3. Bakery and Confectionery: A well-equipped bakery and confectionery lab ensures that the batch is ready for their baking endeavors. It must enable students to understand all baking methodologies, various ingredients used in making a bakery product and the variety of equipment used. Making products such as biscuits, cakes, pastries, bread, icing etc. should all be instructed in such a lab. Also, they must be equipped to store the products after preparation/baking. Once the students are well -versed with the basics they can choose to opt for a bakery specialization after the completion of course. Depending on their interest, the baking domain offers wide scope in terms of recognition and earning.
  4. The Bakery and Confectionery set up emulates the professional set up perfectly and ensures that the students learn all the basics right at the college level and hence make it easy for them to identify further interest or find a job in the confectionery section of popular establishments.
  5. Training Restaurant and Bar: One of the most informative places of a college teaching hospitality management is the training restaurant and mock bar. It looks exactly like a restaurant with all the infrastructure at actuals. A mock bar has the bar-tending equipment needed in a bar for preparation and service of all kinds of beverages. It makes a student perfect in guest relations, everyday maintenance, and pressure handling. For instance, a training restaurant will enable the student to address a huge crowd of customers calmly.
  6. The setup at AGU ensures that students are subjected to various situations that are important for a student to be ready for a real restaurant. Students are made to perform all roles as there are in the real industry and given a hands-on experience in all operations.
  7. Housekeeping lab: Cleanliness and hygiene is a very important aspect that concerns the hospitality sector. Your knack for spic and span facilities is sure to impress your customers and hence the housekeeping lab is an essential for the infrastructure. A hospitality lab with modern housekeeping equipment is a must in the campus to expose students to the maintenance routine. It must have all the materials used to clean the laundry, the rooms, the utensils, the serving sets etc. A good housekeeping lab with all the essential facilities ensures that the students learn about housekeeping and its applications to their full potential.
  8. AGU has a housekeeping lab that offers the opportunity to all its students to learn about all the essential details concerning the maintenance of hygiene. Students are taught about the importance of learning to clean even if they take up managerial roles.
  9. Front office Lab: A place where customers/guests get the first impression about a place is the front office. Hence a front office lab or front office desk should be set up in the college teaching hospitality management.  The software used for billing/reservation and other purposes is taught through this setup. It also helps students present in a better manner to the guests through a polite and attractive personality. It should also have a reception desk; lounge and guest seating area to enable students to understand the movements and procedures to address the guests.

The Front Office Lab at AGU ensures all round grooming of a candidate that is important for a good impression.

AGU also has a well-equipped library that has a wide variety of books for hospitality students. It offers the best infrastructure to ensure the best exposure and skillset for the candidates who are prepared to be well-groomed professionals in the industry.

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