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Important considerations before choosing a University

It is equally important to finalize the right university as it is to finalize the right course. With universities mushrooming each day in every nook and corner of the country it is important to analyze the pros and cons of every university to achieve the best out of your time and buck and to ensure a bright future. Completing your graduation or post-graduation from a renowned university has its benefits. Every university offers a variety of courses but only a few take a step further to groom students into professionals of the future. While some colleges focus merely on getting a degree, others focus on overall development of their students. Even though, the courses are same it is the quality of teaching that matters.

While selecting a university you must not rush, as there are several parameters that need attention. Have a look at some of them:

Geographical location

Location of a university plays a vital role in determining whether you will join the institution or not. Most of the students want to get enrolled in a university that is away from their hometowns but there are various factors to consider before doing that. If a university is ranked well among the top ones but doesn’t provide amenities like student accommodation on campus, mess services, proper communication medium, markets in the vicinity etc. then students must think twice before getting enrolled with it.

AP GOYAL SHIMLA UNIVERSITY is located in one of the most beautiful hill stations of India and the snow clad peaks add to its beauty. It is connected well to major towns through a strong road network and access to other amenities such as markets, hospitals etc. is also a breeze.


With constantly falling educational standards, it has become important to search for universities that are accredited by a recognized body. If a university is accredited, it will definitely boast the fact on its website or brochure. Accreditation means that a university has been inspected by the licensing authority and it has found its curriculum and other basic things as per prescribed norms.

A university is accredited only if it meets essential academic standards as prescribed by the Inspecting Organization. Accreditation ensures that employers and other educational institutions recognize your degree. Choose a university that has been accredited by a recognized organization, preferably Government.

AP GOYAL SHIMLA UNIVERSITY is one of the best universities in North India owing to strict adherence to standards set by various accrediting bodies such as AICTE, UGC, COA, and Bar- council or India is now ranked as 26th best University of India by respected India Today Group University Rankings 2017. The multitude of bodies associated ensures superior quality of education and infrastructure.

Performance of a University

The first thing to look out for before getting enrolled in a university is its performance and consistency over the years. This is an essential criterion that cannot and must not be ignored. Results shed light on the quality of teaching and academics of the university.

It is important to gather all the essential information like course details, past results achieved by the University, co-curricular activities offered, the percentage of students passed, etc. Talk to university alumni and ask them about their experiences. Don’t select a university just because you have heard of it, seen an advertisement on TV or one of your friends is getting admission there. Go by its past records.

AP GOYAL SHIMLA UNIVERSITY has a proven record of a satisfied alumnus that swears by the quality of education. Amazing results each year reflect the superior quality of education and faculty expertise.


The basis of the success of any educational institution is its faculty. Without good teachers, proper learning cannot be imparted. Every student must enquire well about the faculty members and teacher-student ratio before joining an institution. Look out for degrees held by the teachers.You must study the website or brochure of the university carefully and especially look for qualifications of teachers.

It is important to visit the university and talk to the seniors or students who have completed their degree about the quality of teaching and behavior of teachers. A good teacher ensures that his students do well in life. Find a university that has learned teachers.

AP GOYAL SHIMLA UNIVERSITY has the best faculty on board with specialized qualification and wide experience in the field of education they are empathetic towards students and pretty involved with them to ensure success. Teachers are available beyond the classroom to resolves issues regarding the curriculum and also those on the personal front. They make sure that AP GOYAL SHIMLA UNIVERSITY is another home away from home.


Infrastructure constitutes a lot of things and not just buildings and playgrounds. It includes having spacious and well-maintained classrooms, a library full of books in good condition, state-of-art computer and other science laboratories with all necessary items, clean and well-maintained hostels, good quality food, unparalleled sports activities, etc. A student must find a university that provides the best facilities.

If you are confused about a university that incorporates all of these, look no further than AP GOYAL SHIMLA UNIVERSITY. Its infrastructure makes it pretty welcoming for students from across the country and ensures comfort and access to new technology and best facilities.

Fees and other costs  

While the best quality comes at a price, exorbitant pricing offer makes a university inaccessible for the middle-income group. Costs are also an important factor to be considered while deciding on a university because, at the end of the day, affordability counts and there are a plethora of costs involved other than the fees.

AP GOYAL SHIMLA UNIVERSITY may not be the cheapest of the lot but the courses are priced according to the government guidelines and are reasonable and pocket-friendly. The fees and other expenses such as the food and hostel fairly justify the quality of infrastructure provided. Scholarships are also offered to meritorious students and thus good education is affordable and accessible.


While the major goal of education is learning, securing a good job is one of the top goals on everybody’s list. A strong and functional placement committee is an asset for a university and makes it a successful organization. It is great to look at past placement records and analyze the quality of placements by looking at the employing companies and packages offered.

AP GOYAL SHIMLA UNIVERSITY has a great record of 100% placements for the past few years. The best companies in various fields conduct placement drives and absorb the best minds. The average package offered has consistently been high among the other universities in North India.

If you are looking for a university that offers the best quality of education at a fair price and also promises a campus life to remember, AP GOYAL SHIMLA UNIVERSITY may be your best bet for a bright future.

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