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Career and Scope in the field of Mathematics

Aristotle and Ramanujan are the greatest examples of Mathematics as a subject to explore and make a mark. It is a career with immense scope. This traditional subject has a lot of scopes both for research as well as acareer with many industries hiring mathematicians to manage finances which are the core of any business. If you fancy numbers and love playing with equations, a career in mathematics is sure to interest you to a great extent. While many children run at the thought of mathematics at theschool level, there are quite a lot who find it pretty interesting and worth the challenge.

Courses Offered

After successful completion of Class 12 or 10 + 2 from a recognized higher secondary board, a student can choose B.Sc. – Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics or B.Sc. (Hons) in Mathematics. B.Sc. is a 3-year course after which you can opt to study further choosing M.Sc. in Mathematics. It is a post graduate course for 2 years to be studied in 4 semesters of 6 months each. The subjects give a wide and advanced knowledge about every aspect of mathematics. The course content includes:

  • Advanced Algebra
  • Advanced Geometry
  • Advanced Equations
  • Topology
  • Dynamics of a rigid body
  • Hydrodynamics
  • Special functions
  • Tensors
  • Real analysis
  • Calculus

Every topic is taught in an in-depth and advanced manner at AP Goyal Shimla University to gain complete theoretical and practical knowledge with the help of modules. The course offers a wide knowledge which enables you for higher studies in the field of mathematics. It offers a good subject foundation to those who wish to study Ph.D.  or take up research work as well as M.Phil in Mathematics.

The experienced faculty team at AP Goyal Shimla University makes sure that the students get the best out of the curriculum and are equipped well to handle the subject in future.


A candidate entering into M.Sc. course should have completed B.Sc in any stream or general subjects such as PCM or B.Sc. (Hons.) in Mathematics. A pass in B.Sc. degree with a minimum aggregate of 50% is a must to be eligible for M.Sc. in Mathematics at AP Goyal Shimla University. Lateral entry can be accessed if you have a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics or Mathematics as the core subject.


AP Goyal Shimla University facilitates the best education through its best in class facilities and amazing teacher at a nominal fee ranging between INR12500- INR16050 per semester.

Career Scope

Career avenues are varied for those who have completed M. Sc. in mathematics. The teaching industry is the best place to work for a post graduate in mathematics and the various options include:

  • Mathematics Teacher – Secondary School
  • Mathematics home tutor
  • Higher education lecturer
  • Assistant Professor
  • Associate Auditor
  • Proofreader

There are various government jobs for postgraduates in Mathematics. You can appear for UPSC exams to opt for a very good career in civil services as well. Also, bank exams will be easier to crack for students of mathematics. Various jobs in railways and other transportation agency can be opted for subject to performance in entrance test. If you are interested in accountancy then you can be employed in a business firm which pays well. Many private banks hire Mathematics degree holders through bank exams. The general job types are:

  • Interest Rate trading strategist
  • Loan Officer
  • Accountant
  • Chief AccountsOfficer
  • Senior Manager – Accounts
  • Treasure Manager

There are various sectors in the software industry where numerical analysis plays a key role in the job. They are:

  • Computer system design
  • Operations research
  • Software programming

The software sector jobs are high paying jobs and based on performance and you can be entitled to various benefits and perks along with promotions. There is a high demand for mathematics graduates abroad as teachers and professionals in various fields. For those who are interested in pursuing research can work as scientists in various research companies including ISRO, DRDO, and NASA. There is a huge demand for Mathematics experts in these organizations.

Many private organizations also hire mathematics professionals to perform various roles.

AP Goyal Shimla University churns out successful post graduates in Mathematics every year that traverse the path ahead to assume various positions in reputed organizations and thus kickstart their career in a rewarding manner.

Salary and Perks

Bank jobs pay a starting salary of  Rs. 18000 to Rs. 20000 per month after thetraining period. A government job pays as per the pay commission along with other benefits such as TADA, health insurance, housing benefits etc. In a private sector, a Mathematics postgraduate can earn a salary ranging from Rs. 30000 to Rs. 50000 per month.

The placement statistics of the MSC mathematics course at AP Goyal Shimla University have always been a matter of pride with offers ranging from 3-5 lacs per annum for freshers.

Overall, if you can play with numbers and have the interest to spread the knowledge you have gained in the M.Sc. course, then teaching can be the right career. Aiming at high salaries can take you a long way in the corporate world through software jobs as well as a good bank career. Promotions, perks, incentives can all be a part of a good career for a bright future and happier lifestyle.

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