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Get a fabulous career boost with management studies at AP Goyal Shimla University

Top Management Colleges in Himachal Pradesh

The foundation for lifelong careers is laid in educational institutions, in schools and colleges. Quite appropriately are institutes and universities called the battlefields of life. A good and accomplished present very well leads to distinctive futures. Management is what the whole world considers the best and fastest career path nowadays. Management is every student’s dream. Even those in the technical fields like engineering and medicine would benefit from management education that teaches the business aspect. Combining the technical and the business knowledge would lead to senior designations at the top of the profession, what every MNC dreams of!

Preparing students for 21st-century management leadership careers is a great challenge and AP Goyal Shimla University lives up to the dreams. The nature-based campus that nestles in the peaceful, non-polluted greenery of the Himalayan Mountain ranges in Himachal Pradesh state is very inspiring. The best study is achieved in peaceful environments amidst contemplation, far away from the city distractions. Yet, unlike the holy men who meditated in the Himalayas for ages, it is a contemporary university infrastructure replete with every technological facility.

Management courses offered

BBA or the bachelor’s course three years long in business administration and the MBA or Masters with a duration of two years are the management courses on offer. The Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) program is also a three-year course.

Students who have passed twelve years of school education are eligible for the bachelor’s courses. A graduate is eligible for the master’s program after completing at least fifteen years of school plus college study.

Orientations inaugurate the study programs

Like in every college and university across the world, courses commence with a prolonged orientation to the ways of the system and study and work procedures.  Not only do students from several Indian states study at AP Goyal Shimla University but foreign students from nineteen Asian and African countries grace the green adventure-filled campus. Not only do students of neighboring countries like Sri Lanka and Bangladesh study here, but candidates from the faraway African countries also find opportunities for study in this unique campus.

Foreign students may experience adjustment problems and they are taken good care of with all the procedures streamlined and well organized.  The caring attitude of the university authorities ensures that foreign student adjustments to local conditions are properly achieved. Diplomatic procedures are followed from the registration stage to ensure a problem free study experience for the many Asian and African students who study at AP Goyal Shimla University each year.

In recent times, education in India has opened up and spread its wings. Collaborations with universities abroad, and student and teacher exchanges have forged a deeper understanding. We have become a single global community that is willing and capable of work in cosmopolitan environments.

Naturally, the students hail from diverse cultures and some are lacking in communication and English speaking and writing skills. Besides, the graduates who join the master’s program have studied a variety of subjects in their graduate studies. Some of them would have studied commerce or business during graduation and that would now become an advantage to pursue MBA.  Those who completed twelve years of school to join the bachelor’s program also studied science, commerce or arts in higher secondary school.

AP Goyal Shimla University with affiliations to several universities in Hungary, Spain and New Zealand offers ample opportunities to build up a network of professional connections. That is what business is all about. China Agricultural University, Xinyu University, IOBQ in Delhi and the University of Lodz in Poland are some of those connections.

The foundation is now set for a few years of productive work in management. When the students meet their classmates from several countries, many friendships are forged for a lifetime. Who knows what future opportunities would arise together in which country? We live for the moment, of course, and the here and now is most important. After the initial euphoria of a new campus in a new country, parties and get together done, it is time to settle down to work.

Contacts with other departments and differing ways of life and thinking only deepen the academic and professional experience. Engineering and law, hospitality and architecture, journalism and applied sciences are other courses being studied within the same beehive of a campus. The honey is the priceless knowledge that flows in all directions like a science fiction film.

A mini-city the campus may be called with every facility within easily accessible distances. Residents in the boys and girls hostels musty have enough to do to occupy their 24-hour stay within the campus. A  range of nature-based sporting activities builds robust physical constitutions. A gym finds many interested students in a world that has become so fussy about bodies and their development. Transport and medical facilities are quite available. Banking and ATM facilities ensure that students need not travel far. The mess and the cafeteria make sure that students are well nourished in healthy, hygienic surroundings.

Work very hard the first few crucial months

Now that the courses are taking off on flights two or three years long, give it your everything. Put heart and soul into the studies. Set aside hesitation and make friends from across the world. The wi-fi enabled campus with all the online resources should deepen the scholarly instinct. The library brings you up to date textbooks and journals on management. You study in LCD projector enabled classrooms that set the pace for technology-based learning. Multimedia interactive sessions get you going. The computer lab supplies the software for projects and assignments.

The stage is set not merely for the two or three-year duration of the study, but the professional foundation for a lifetime is being laid.  With the excellent faculty and industry exposure in a professional setting, you know that up to date learning is ongoing. AP Goyal Shimla University offers more than thirty UG and PG courses that carry excellent industry exposure and placement records.

Students had best avoid politics on the campus and avoid lonely corners. Remain in the company of close friends or university authorities like during projects and internships. Always remember that it is a tough journey on the way to acquiring global management expertise.

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