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AGU Ranked Among the Top Universities in India

It is a prestigious moment for any institution to get rewarded for its sheer dedication and efforts. For us, at the A.P. Goyal Shimla University, it is indeed a moment of prideand honor to witness the institution getting ranked among the Top Private Universities in India.

The ranking has been awarded by the leading news magazine, India Today, inaits recently published edition.The rankings given by India Today Group, for the current year 2017,have positioned theA.P. Goyal Shimla University at the 26th position in the list of the best private universities in the country.

It is a sense of profound happiness to have entered the list this year, knowing that the efforts of the institution and its staff have been recognized nationally and have been aptly paid off.

A Word about India Today Rankings 2017

For the 2017 rankings, more than 500 of the Indian universities were evaluated based on a number of aspects, and of these, rankings have been released for the top universities who were found to stand strong on all the different facets.

Among the universities taken for evaluation, A.P. Goyal Shimla University garnered the 26th position in the list of top 50 private universities that have been established after the year 2000.

To derive the list of top institutes and rank them appropriately, more than 600 experts across the country were consulted. The universities were assessed on various aspects such as their Reputation, Quality of Academic Input, Faculty, Research Publications, Student Welfare and Security, Infrastructure, Placement Opportunities, and Global Exposure, among others. The ratings of the experts determined the perceptual rank of a university.

Having ranked as one among the top 50 private universities in the country, AGU is proud to receive such an honor for its years of dedication in serving the academic sphere while standing high on the ethical standards and integrity.

Salient Highlights of the A.P. Goyal Shimla University

A.P. Goyal Shimla University, located in the scenic landscape of Shimla, is a UGC accredited academic institution that was established in the year 2012. Recognized as one of the best universities in Himachal Pradesh, AGU offers professional courses in varied sectors including engineering & technology, architecture, management, fashion designing, hospitality management, and legal studies, among others.

A.P. Goyal Shimla University outstands in its academic endeavor and integrity as a learning center of excellence. The University aims to enhance its students’ intellect with best theoretical education and all-round development.

A few of the salient features of AGU that make it stand apart from the rest, and contributed prominently in securing an important place in the nationally admired India Today Rankings are:

Eminent Faculty:

  • Experienced professionals with adept knowledge in their field of expertise.
  • Open to change and innovation as they probe new ideas, innovative system, and approaches to learning.
  • Effective guidance for the faculty by leading Scientists and Scholars.
  • The distinguished academicians of AGU have the power to make each and every student achieve their potential and at the same time encourage the younger faculty to contribute their best for the welfare of the institution.

Comprehensive Learning Experience:

  • At A.P. Goyal Shimla University, the focus is on a holistic learning approach, considering the fact that book knowledge never suffices in delivering effective learning.
  • The University molds students into well-rounded graduates of competence and character, equipping them for the tomorrow’s business arena.
  • The learning methodology at AGUfocuses on practical knowledge and personality development as a whole.

Academics & Research:

  • Academics & Research is a part and parcel of A.P. Goyal Shimla University’s learning system. It focuses on the practical orientation of concepts and facilitates studies, research, and extension in various disciplines of Engineering, Management, and Hospitality, etc.
  • The university is equipped with state-of-the-art laboratory facilities to encourage students for research that would empower them into becoming a catalyst for creativity and innovation.

Teaching Pedagogy:

  • The teaching curriculum of AGU balances theory with practice by imparting better understanding of scientific and technological concepts along with their application in live projects.
  • Students are prepared with practical skill sets and knowledge to meet the contemporary industry requirements.
  • AGU also arranges interactive classrooms for students using presentations, case studies, group discussions, and seminars to help facilitate skill development and improve learning experience.
  • Pre-Placement Training programs include personality development program, mock interviews, and workshops, conducted by industry experts.
  • Industry Interface activities such as industry visits, internships, and apprenticeship programs to help students become aware of the real-world business environment.


  • The well-endowed sprawling campus of AGU provides students a pleasing environment with ambiance.
  • The world class infrastructure provides ample amenities to students by way of clubs and nature-based activities.
  • The institution encouragesholistic participation of students in adventure sports and extra-curricular activities such as theater, singing, sports, dancing, and Yoga.

AGU’s aspiration to be the paragon of education with its holistic teaching philosophy and cutting-edge course content has got it benchmarked as one of the top private universities in India. With its great infrastructure and learning pedagogy, the university has been bestowed with the honor of being one of the best places to learn and excel in career. Overall, the institute aims to deliver a unique approach to learning to lead students towards a better future, turning them into productive citizens fated to rise high.

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