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Career and Scope of Interior Designing

Art and talent go hand in hand. If you are the artsy kind and fancy a career that accentuates your talent and unleashes your creative potential, interior decoration might just be right for you. Decorating a space that may either be home or office or a sit out involves and eyes for colors and combinations and creative placement of furniture and accents. Using your creative potential to decorate spaces can be a pretty rewarding career choice. Not only does interior decoration showcase a person’s talent but it also offers substantial income. It is an art and a degree in arts meaning B.A. in interior design is a great course to take up interior decoration as a profession. The career prospects in terms of income and growth are huge as the real estate industry is ever booming and aesthetic appeal is what everyone desires. A knack for color schemes and decorations can take you a long way in the field of interior decoration. If you know or can foresee which color fits in which space and what object fills up a leftover space better, then you have got it in you to be the best interior decorator.

Courses offered

Individuals interested in a career in interior decoration may enroll in a full-time B.Des (Bachelor of Design) course. A Bachelor’s degree in design is a valid certification for a lucrative career in the field of interior decoration. It is a 4-year degree with 8 semesters of 6 months each. This is the basic course for those who choose interior decoration as a subject to study and continue as a career.

If you don’t opt for this course after class 12 but still want to have a career in this industry, there is always an option of doing advanced programs or diploma programs in interior design after a bachelor’s degree in any stream.

Architects and engineers can also take up a course in interior design and add up to their portfolio

After completing an interior decoration course, some countries require licensing. Also, a candidate is expected to undergo internship before being given the permit to work in the actual designation as an interior decorator. It varies from country to country and state to state. In many countries, the licensing procedure for interior decorators includes formal training, work experience and clearing a written as well as practical examination. A certificate from the National Council for Interior Decoration is also of great value.

AP Goyal Shimla university offers B.Des course that is taught by the professionals in the industry and the state of the art infrastructure makes it possible to access all the requisite for the course.


Interior decoration needs creativity. A close understanding of the colors and their mixing plays a vital role to be successful in interior decoration. Any individual who has cleared Class 12 can take up the Bachelor courseindesigning (B.Des). There is no entrance exam for this course. It is based on merit that a candidate is selected by a particular university.

Advanced programs need a bachelor degree in the respective stream. For instance, an Engineering graduate in Architectural Engineering may opt for theadvanced diploma which imparts more knowledge about the subject.


The basic degree in interior decoration is the BSc in interior decoration that can be pursuedafter class 12 and the tuition fee varies per university. It is 50000 per semester for AP Goyal Shimla university. Postgraduate and advanced programs are also in the same range or a little higher depending on the facilities at the educational institute.

Career Scope

Interior decoration is a career with avast scope. Almost every home and office needs an interior decorator. Even event planners are on the lookout for such talented professionals who can design stalls, temporary rooms, stages, podiums and the like. With modernization and digitization of the society, the career prospects are vast in comparison with any other career owing to the scope of work being shifted online through digital programs and are known to increase faster.  Renovation sites are a huge play space for interior decorators. If you have the passion for designing and executing a decorative job within the client’s budget, then you are at the start of a good profession. Many private firms also hire students from this stream and train them to be professionals. There is also vast scope for freelancing if you are good at your job. It is not an easy job, but once you get into it, you have a lot to accomplish. The various areas where an interior decorator can work are as below:

  • Advertising agency
  • Art galleries
  • Boutiques
  • Corporate offices
  • Hotels
  • Houses
  • Model homes for builders
  • Museums
  • PR Firms
  • Restaurants
  • Spas
  • Malls
  • Commercial complexes
  • Hospitals
  • Educational institutions
  • Theatres
  • Event Venues

Almost every place where there is a business or a place to live needs interior decoration. The scope is huge with a lot of people being hired for that perfect look of their infrastructure.

Various companies, event organizers, commercial space developers and other firms come into the campus of AP Goyal Shimla University each year on the lookout for well trained and creative interior designers. Placement prospects are always high when you choose to pursue your degree with AGSU.

Salary and Perks

Unlike any other career, interior decoration does not have a fixed job which gets you promoted from one designation to another. As a starter an initial salary of Rs. 12K to Rs. 15K per month can be expected. Depending upon projects, it may be higher as well. A monthly income or Rs. 75000 to Rs. 1 Lac is the expected remuneration of a professional interior decorator and that is when you advance well in the domain. The project prices are fancy depending upon the duration and size of the project. The rates also work per square feet or per unit area and wider the area, greater the earning.

In the past AP Goyal Shimla university has churned out great interior designers who have been absorbed at similarly high pay structures and are now doing well in their interior designing career.

A career as an interior decorator is both interesting as well as rewarding. An individual may choose to work for a firm or practice independently. It quenches your creative appetite well and helps you earn a good buck based on your talent and presentation skills.

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