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Launch a dream career in Applied Sciences and Research at AGU

Top Applied Sciences Colleges in Himachal Pradesh

The contemporary high-tech world worships professional success. Globalization under the impact of the internet media requires new-age skills to cope up with the pressures. It feels good to be a global citizen and to be able to adjust in multicultural environments. While almost everyone talks about computers and business management as being the hottest professions, the truth is a little bit different.

Professional foundations are built in higher education courses

In the ocean that is the Indian subcontinent, too many people are busy acquiring academic degrees that serve little purpose in professional terms. A bachelor’s degree is merely a starting point in obtaining knowledge of the given area like Physics. Rather, professional courses like Hospitality or Fashion Technology specifically prepare the candidate for jobs and often provide encouraging placements with leading companies at the end of the course.

Depending upon ideas, interests and situations with regard to family and finances available, students may opt for a master’s course in order to pursue research or to teach with an additional degree like B.Ed. The possibilities of success in applied sciences are immense at the present juncture of world history.

The contemporary world is built on science, industry, and technology

Look around at the awesome world to realize that we have reached too far with regard to inventions, patents, devices, and robots. Artificiality is growing by the day as is artificial intelligence and virtual reality. Comparing with the past traditions that existed for thousands of years, hardly anything remains the same. Except for the fact that everybody needs food, shelter, and clothing, everything else has changed.

The change is built upon production and manufacturing processes, a world of synthetics and transport and communication media. As scientists use research to push the frontiers of knowledge across the world night and day, the new information is constantly being applied to innovative products, maybe in the medical field to provide cures or relief from suffering.

Take up the professional challenge by making a start at AGU

Among the most reputed universities in Northern India, AGU Shimla University offers two-year postgraduate courses in physics, chemistry, and mathematics. The courses are purely knowledge based but do lead to placements for the deserving candidates.

The university ambiance in the lap of the serene Himalayan Mountains combined with the dedicated and qualified teachers provide a unique scholarly atmosphere.  The developed infrastructure, the hostel, transport and banking facilities make it a most wanted study destination. The library and games facilities do encourage positive participation. The AGU tie-ups with institutions and universities abroad along with the presence of large numbers of foreign students on the campus do expose students to a global culture.

Possible Careers after postgraduate study of physics

In the information race that the world has nowadays become, more and more opt for postgraduate and doctorate studies just like students pursued graduate studies some decades ago. Amidst excessive information carried everywhere by the media, we have to know more to succeed. Physics leads to a diversity of careers. Perhaps the interest started way back in high school. An MSc or a Ph.D. qualifies you to teach in schools and colleges or pursue research.

Professional work also brings prestige, fame, and awards perhaps later on in the career. Nuclear engineering, space, and atmospheric research are some of those high in demand careers. National and international universities and research agencies are constantly on the search for dynamic professionals. Acoustics and computer science, biophysics and medicine are some other fields where physics majors have special duties.

Medical instruments, communications, noise pollution and film production are some commercial areas that employ physics-based staff. Mining and exploration companies, defense agencies, biotechnology and IT companies also have important duties for physics majors.

Careers after the study of chemistry

Chemicals, materials, air and water everywhere indicates how much the chemistry experts are required to manage chemical processes. Particularly the manufacturing industry like drugs and plastics, cement and paper require experts to supervise manufacturing procedures. The extent of the industries across the world to cater to the immense population gives an understanding of how vast the manpower requirements are. Chemical manufacturing too is a mighty universe that supplies chemicals that are used in various industries. Food and Beverages are truly universal needs besides Mining and Metallurgy and Petroleum that make up some vast production areas that cannot do without chemistry experts.

Departments like R&D, quality control, and manufacturing process control may hire qualified chemists. The Indian Government employs chemists in health and education departments, mineral research, water and air quality management and many more departments.

Careers after the study of mathematics

Mathematical awareness is getting increasingly important worldwide for the last five decades. With computers and automation like robots gradually spreading in transport and communications, mathematics is applied universally. Almost every field nowadays wishes to increase efficiency by means of computers and automation. It may be difficult to understand but technology and engineering need a lot of mathematical skills. The social and biological sciences too nowadays require the application of mathematical skills. In the distant past, only the physical and engineering worlds required mathematics.

The world of business management and commerce has traditionally depended upon mathematical calculations. Insurance is another vast field that requires mathematical awareness. Consulting and teaching at higher levels are other job opportunities.

Career decisions

Interests and attitudes matter so much but professional goals need to be realistic and decisions made after consultations with parents and teachers. In order to study for a master’s degree and beyond, the same subject should be studied at the bachelor’s course also. Study of the same subject in depth for several years and pursuing the professional field perhaps for decades or a lifetime would require tremendous motivation. Knowledge itself serves as a catalyst to increasing study and discoveries.

The ability to apply those scientific and mathematical principles to real like situations is what matters most. Nowadays the boundaries between subjects are dissolving with an amalgamation of areas like biotechnology and microbiology. Several new-age careers like IT provide fresh challenges as the world moves forward at a dizzy pace.

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