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Precursory Measures for College Life

One thing that is clearly evident in today’s technology oriented world, is sheer competition in each and every phase of life. This is especially true in the case of students who are under consistent pressure to achieve nothing less than the best in every single section, be it academics, sports, social engagement, or anything else.

Moreover, owing to the rapidly growing population, it has become necessary for the students to understand that the next academic phase is around the corner and they have to prove themselves to stand to the theory of the survival of the fittest.

In the following sections, the topics about what is expected from this article, why to follow and how it can lead to a better future will be discussed.


In this article, we will be focusing on the sprint between two major milestones which are most important in every student’s life, i.e. transition from school life to college life.


This article should be read for a thorough understanding of how students can start off the preparations for the next big step in their career. This is not just a point to ponder upon, but to take some action, and if required, major steps to achieve the personal and professional goal. The article can be of keen interest even for those who are currently pursuing graduation as this will very well fit into the transition from their college life to the professional life.


This is the point where you really need to think about. Whether your transition from school life to college life is worth cherishing for the lifetime or not, totally depends on the approach you choose.

This is the best time when you should think about preparing a step-by-step plan so as to successfully reach your target, which in this case, refers to getting admission in your preferred college, in your very field of interest.

So, without wasting any further breath, let’s look at the step-by-step plan that shall be adopted:

  1. Exploring Outside School

This is the initial stage when your planning for the transition actually starts. It is highly important to understand how the world is growing in terms of current business trends, professional requirements, most sought after courses, etc. The key is to dig up as much information as possible about the current education and course streams apart from academic curriculums of universities available on the vast spider’s web called the Internet. This can be accompanied by market research to identify the current and future prospects of each field of interest.

  1. Target Your Interest

Once you have listed down your field of interest, the next step is to mark down the institutions which are (closely) aligned with your interest sectors. Try and support each entry in the list with analytical and statistical reasoning, so that you will yourself gain better clarity on the things. Whilst in the list preparation, the college fairs, boot camps or even the campuses can be visited to acquire more information about the education and administration systems.

 III.            Self-Realization

This can be achieved by pondering on your strengths and weaknesses, or by taking up online assessments. Jot down all the points. In an eagle eye’s view, this can be used for personal SWOT (Strength Weakness Opportunity Threat) analysis.

  1. Interest Reloaded

After disembarking from self-realization, it’s better to filter out the areas of interest. This should be done while consulting with parents, mentors, seniors, and even career counselors. This will ultimately help in shortlisting the course and the college which form just the perfect combination for your academic grooming.

  1. Focusing on Eligibility Criteria

You should now focus on the eligibility criteria of the shortlisted institutes. The eligibility may include various criteria like:

  • Stream in school
  • Percentage requirement
  • Scholarship, if provided
  • Special categories of extra-curricular activities
  1. Cracking the Entrance Exams

The next big step in the pathway is to clear the entrance exam(s). For this, school text books (NCERT, etc.) which used to be your best reference points in school will eventually change to advanced books like R.D. Sharma for mathematics, H.C. Verma for Physics, and Morrison Boyd for Chemistry, etc. These books are great if you wish to improve your problem-solving skills and want to gain a stronghold of the subject. In parallel, solving previous years’ question papers and model practice papers to understand the pattern and importance of various topics is also essential.

VII.            Being a Social Animal

The time till counseling should be positively used to being a social animal. Having said that, discuss with family, acquaintances, and friends who have or are pursuing graduation in your field of interest. It’s time to ask loads of questions about the current and futuristic scope for your area of study. Another way to keep yourself updated is reading blogs and online materials, including surveys and FAQs.

VIII.            Stepping into College Life

The last step in your sprint to reach the target milestone or in marking the transition to be complete is when you step in the college on the very first day. This marks a new journey of your life, where you get to learn:

  • To be independent
  • Time Management,
  • Money Management,
  • Diving into subjects at greater depths
  • Gain practical knowledge that will be utilized in your future profession
  • To build knowledge base and skills among others.

Always remember the time you spend in your college is actually going to lay the foundation of your career. Whether you want to be an entrepreneur, or do a business or take a job, your education is the most crucial factor that will be truly defining your path.  And as Ms. Mahtab Narsimhan has already stated:

“Education is the best gift you can gift to yourself”

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