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Women’s safety is of prime importance at the AP Goyal Shimla University campus

Girls and women have been in the Indian media often, targeted because they are considered weak in strength and emotions. Treating women as objects of desire has become a part of the male thinking and human civilization records many examples of injustice to women. Yet the AGU campus in Shimla has never suffered from such an evil. The safe and secure Shimla University campus in the lap of the pristine Himalayan Mountains has never been tainted by such problems.

In spite of gender sensitization programs and the modern emancipation of women, traditional prejudices continue. It has been long that girls have left the security of the home and nowadays wish for a professional status at par with men. Statistics prove that women are paid far less for the same work as compared to men the world over.

College campus life puts girls in a particularly vulnerable position. Designations and salaries may bring a world of clout and confidence but that comes later after training is complete. It is still a dream world in college life with many idle hours after the lessons that are often spent in parties and picnics. Such times can be stressful and girls become victims in the heat of the moment.

Living in the shadow of parents often provides the comfort and security every teenage girl needs. Yet it becomes necessary for a large number of women to pursue education while living in hostels and even working from hostel accommodation. Depending upon where the college has granted admission or where the job search has succeeded, women would have to seek a paying guest facility, away from parents. Such is the lonely battle many women face until marriage and settling down to family life.

Many nationalities study together at AGU

The presence of foreign students from as many as 19 countries brings a cosmopolitan flavor to the campus life. Not only are professional connections established for a better future but minds are broadened. Working in multicultural environments is what the global culture nowadays requires. Professional courses particularly that lead directly to the better campus placements require such understanding for a better future. Even if minor misunderstandings do arise, they are quickly settled through mutual discussion in the presence of teachers.

Hostel life at the AGU campus

Girls living away from the security of their homes may be targeted in hostels. AGU has separate hostel facilities for boys and girls. The administration, culture, manpower and ethics make sure that no problems arise where girls are concerned. The AGU management particularly cares for the girl students and that includes foreigners too who grew up in a diverse culture during school life, speak different languages and practice alien religions.

It is the campus spirit that matters in an environment where youngsters of many different backgrounds have assembled for the common purposes of succeeding in professional life.  AGU offers many choices of careers among eight departments covering science, technology, commerce, and humanities. Some institutions may offer a single subject of study like business management and are able to specialize, though on a much smaller scale. AGU is far more complex with multiple branches of learning and professional courses end in excellent placements for all.

Admissions are thoroughly researched

While it is true that many institutions contain gems of students along with a few viruses, AGU follows a very strict policy towards the selection of students for admission. Those who apply for undergraduate courses have finished 12 years of schooling. School records display not only academic scores but participation in activities too besides character certificates. Applicants for postgraduate courses submit the details of the graduate study.

Unlike some institutions that exist purely for money making, AGU follows a distinct culture and strives for excellence. Something as vast and complicated as AGU cannot happen by chance. Everything is in place due to the dedication of the governing body and the managers. The eight departments function with an internal administration while the overall management work concerns the university authorities.

Colleges and universities have increasingly significant roles to play in the social and political life of the nation. The creation of productive citizens who are dedicated to values and traditions is important nowadays more than ever before. While cosmopolitanism and a world culture are important, Indians need to preserve their own traditions too that seems to be forgotten with the onslaught of the international media influences.

Policing and CCTVs in the AGU campus

Many advantages come from working in a secluded campus amidst nature away from city influences. Security is tight and maintained 24/7. Cooperation between the different committees of the university administration runs smoothly without friction. The result is a streamlined schedule of work and duty rosters that leave nothing to chance.

The foreign students may have a separate culture and administration but security concerns apply to all women. Several rules and timings apply to the hostel life and the women are strictly monitored and counseled according to need. When the foreign students first arrive in India, they do face some initial adjustment problems when it is particularly important to help them settle in.

Successful academic and professional studies at AGU!

Girls and boys, Indians and foreigners, may look forward to distinctive academic and professional careers at AGU, blessed by Himalayan greenery in an oasis of learning. The usual concerns of security and politics on the campus need not bother aspirants who wish to build careers here. Be certain that dreams would be realized with hard work, dedication, and duty.

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