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Professionally Designed Engineering Programs at AP Goyal Shimla University

Top Btech Colleges in Himachal Pradesh

The School of Science and Engineering at AGU in Himachal Pradesh delivers quality education in keeping with global standards. Education in the lap of the serene nature surroundings of the Himalayas would be a worthwhile experience, far away from distracting urban environments. The learned faculty carries a world of experience in addition to their list of degrees. Every kind of modern educational infrastructure ensures that students get the best opportunities and participate in meaningful learning activities. In this home away from home, bank facility, medical, hostel, gymnasium, and entertainment all lie within touching distance.  It has happened to numerous students already that you enter as a novice and leave some years later, transformed and qualified into a professional of world class standards.

A world kept going through science and engineering

Though IT and technology have been making great strides in recent times along with artificial intelligence and the medical sciences, science and industry are centuries old. Look around and the immediate realization dawns that it is an engineering wonder that we reside in.  Constructions, mechanical and electrical worlds rule human existence in every building. All the cars and machines found in factories, the designs of the tallest structures and the electrical and electronics wonders make life what it is today. Sometimes, it does appear that saturation levels are being reached since everything must have its limits.

Yet human populations are constantly increasing! The building, machine, and electrical structure would be required for the constant growth of human population in vast numbers. Meanwhile, it is the constant endeavor that everything should be constantly improving.  Never satisfied with what exists, the search is on constantly to do better than the best.

In search of greater happiness!

What is humanity going to achieve as a result of the constant innovation in various fields of science and industry? The media every day carries reports of new products, inventions, latest brands and advances in research. It may take years to apply all that are new, but things happen slowly and patience will be needed.

As a result of development, health and longevity, infrastructure and climate, work, transport, and communication improve and brings greater satisfaction. The dream of happiness, education, and health for everybody can be achieved through developments in science and engineering alone.

Professional engineering courses at AGU

The four-year-long bachelor’s degrees (B.Tech.) are available in Civil, Mechanical, Computer Science and Electrical Engineering. The BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications) has a three-year duration. Probably the best university in Northern India to pursue engineering studies, students are exposed to both theoretical and practical aspects during the course. High standards of study and practice ensure that real and effective learning and development of ideas and skills are ongoing.

Unlike courses that teach theory alone in knowledge-based courses that bring degrees without professional orientation, engineering courses are taught with the objective of employability. The courses are prepared in keeping with industry requirements which require dynamic upgrades of the curriculum from time to time.

Industry contacts and tie ups with institutions and universities abroad for student and teacher exchanges bring a robust character to the courses. Minds are broadened by contact and travel is an adventure. The presence of students from 25 Asian and African countries does bring an international flavor and broadens the range of contacts for future professional development.

One step at a time!

Many youngsters are busy nowadays accumulating degrees that sometimes serve no purpose. It is justified to think that specialized chances are improving with degrees, but that applies to professional courses alone. Increasing knowledge through degrees may not improve designations and salaries, though many aim to do that.

Yet most want to reach at least a masters position to stand better chances, but that is feasible after satisfactory completion of the bachelor’s degree.  Work experience is also important professionally. AGU offers M.Tech. degrees of two-year durations in all the branches of engineering like Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and Computer Science.

In Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics, a two-year masters degree in science is also awarded. Such courses would benefit those scholars interested in research or applied science, besides teaching positions in colleges and universities.

While a masters degree would certainly mean greater employability and higher designations and salaries, the work experience factor also needs to be considered.

AGU promotes a system of values

Some things best remain old-fashioned! The teacher-student relationship teaches value systems in spite of all the modernization that sweeps the globe. Students get molded by the best of Indian and international faculty who deliver from their vast store of excellence and expertise.  Tie-ups with several foreign institutes and universities ensure that it is a broadening of horizons each day. Students from 25 Asian and African countries on the AGU campus ensure international exposure and contacts for future professional development.

Students would remain on their toes, busy like bees, right through the course. If it is internships and apprenticeships, they come in contact with the top industry experts. Creativity is constantly being applied right through industrial visits, seminars, and workshops. Time is constantly on the move and so are the students in search of sustained careers for a life of productivity and social service.  When students meet up with media experts and social workers, they are preparing for future services of sterling value systems.

Training for placements

Besides all that technical knowledge accumulated through the semesters, students need personality training to prepare for dynamic careers. Personality development programs comprise a series of activities that may deal with interview and workshops.

Comprehensive development refers to cognitive and personal skills besides communication ability. An overall development is a target to render students both technically knowledgeable and socially skilled to receive the best placements the industry has to offer.

A supporting infrastructure to match

Everything is in place at AGU, ready to welcome dedicated students and transform them into dynamic professionals capable of worthy careers in science and technology upon which the present day world sustains. An Oxford Style Library besides a high-tech auditorium and eco park beside adventure facilities in nature’s lap in the Himalayan Mountains make AGU an inspiring educational setting.

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