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Why not study applied science, engineering or architecture at the AGU Shimla University?

Top Engineering University in Himachal Pradesh

Science and technology dominate the industrial world and adequately trained personnel are required at different levels. Education has become rather commercial and degrees may be churned out by the thousand. Are they all equally valid and result in excellent placements? Not really. A few colleges and universities have created a distinctive culture and set a tradition that works globally. While everybody may have some favorites and be prejudiced against others, it cannot be denied that certain institutions work with the cream of teachers and students.

The secrets of successful institutions

What really matters is the dedication to student careers and the infrastructure and facilities to match. What are the backgrounds and achievements of the teaching faculty? Global networking often decides the extent and quality of placements with leading MNCs. While high-end educational institutions are not lacking, they follow similar syllabi and conduct similar activities. Besides all the infrastructure, a certain tradition and culture make the difference.

AGU Shimla University offers the best of both worlds

Students are often undecided when it comes to choosing a university! Considering the fact that AGUSU is home to students from 20 countries, an international culture is assured. We no longer live in isolated communities but have joined a global bandwagon connected by the internet. Besides, the warmth and greenery of the Himalayas in tranquil settings are quite conducive to academics that still remain very important. Practical exercises and applications come later. Find inspiration in infinite dimensions in such a luscious Himalayan setting, away from the stressed urban surroundings.

Creating productive citizens with values and a sense of national duty

Applied science, engineering and architecture are three science and technology based disciplines that could lead to fulfilling careers in India or abroad. Besides awesome designations and hefty salary packets, a duty towards society and country is also envisaged to lead a meaningful life. Concern for the weaker sections and mitigating the problems of society wherever possible are the need of the hour to build a greater India. Protecting the environment is certainly one of the concerns like the preservation of peace. A dignified life of culture and values is promoted through study at AGUSU.

Applied Science

The Master’s course in applied science and research offers masters degrees with physics, chemistry or mathematics majors.

Applied Science Career opportunities:

The study of physics often leads to specialization like a doctorate or a teaching qualification for academic careers in institutions. Besides teaching, many prestigious careers are beckoning to physics graduates and postgraduates. Nuclear engineering, space research, acoustics research and petroleum exploration are some of them. Computer science and biophysics, medicine and engineering would require the services of physics majors. Laboratories and universities, observatories and science museums need their services. Several industries require physics experts like in medical instrumentation and communications, electronics and building design. Film production and sound recording require such specialized services. IT companies, biomedical organizations, and defense agencies seek their services.

The specialization in chemistry opens up many lucrative career choices. Manufacturing processes in many industries certainly require the services of chemistry majors and that is a vast employment potential. Consider the Food and Beverages production industry, for instance, and its infinite global dimensions. The computers and telecommunications industry also needs chemistry specialists. Pharmaceuticals, plastics, cement, paper, they are all essential to the modern world and chemists work everywhere in major roles. Petroleum, Mining, and Metallurgy also represent mega industries the world over.

Chemists are involved in R&D, Manufacturing Process Control, Quality Control and Industrial Hygiene Management. Chemists also find important positions in water and air quality management besides forensic investigation and mineral analysis. They work in public health too.

Important careers in mathematics have arisen in the last fifty years. With computers and automation spreading to every niche of society, mathematics experts are needed everywhere in large numbers. Since the complexity of engineering and business issues are so great, mathematical approaches have become essential. Not only in physics and engineering, but also in the biological and social sciences do we need mathematics graduates. Business and Finance certainly need them. Information Technology, Computing, and Teaching would need mathematics majors.


The Bachelor of Technology courses is offered in Civil, Electrical and Mechanical engineering. Computer science engineering and CSE (Cloud Technology and Information Security) are other alternatives. Computer Applications is yet another choice. The Master’s programs are offered in mechanical, civil and computer science engineering.

Career opportunities in Engineering

The world belongs to the engineers! Agriculture and Healthcare, Entertainment and Business, engineering touches every field under the sun. Engineering professionals in the various disciplines are most highly sought after globally. Consider a few areas. Petroleum Engineering and Nuclear Engineering hold limitless possibilities for senior level employment. The applications of the petroleum and nuclear sectors are found in infinite dimensions across the continents. Engineers make it all possible. Mechanical engineering and Manufacturing engineering are two potent industries that offer mighty employment potential.

Needless to say, civil engineering created all those cities and towns humanity shelters in. Chemical engineering is crucial to the manufacturing process and finds diverse applications across industries. Environmental engineering besides electrical and computer engineering charges up our existence in various senses. A fine coordination exists between the different industries with many overlapping branches. Biomedical and biotechnology are some such areas that combine two or more disciplines.


Bachelor of Architecture and Bachelor of Interior Design are the courses offered.

Career opportunities in Architecture:

Architecture graduates presently face a great professional demand, some as independent professionals. They could become teachers or work in government or private sector jobs. The architecture way of life is purely visual and magical. The understanding of art, science, and space leads to the life of a designer. Besides designing itself, several other careers open up for an architect.

Architects could take up careers in Landscape Architecture or become Town Planners and Urban Designers. Interior Design and Sustainable Architecture are fields with great demand. The world of art and photography, creative writing and event organization besides furniture design are some other ventures that architects often take up.

Make a fateful choice

The 21st century belongs to the world of digital technology. Sciences and engineering continue to hold immense influence and careers in such fields would become stimulating lifetime occupations. The artistically inclined would opt for architecture!

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