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The Superior Mass Communications Courses at AGU

Top Mass Communication University in North India

The UGC accredited AP GOYAL SHIMLA UNIVERSITY came into existence in 2012. The supreme university in Himachal Pradesh in the Himalayan Mountains offers professional courses in higher education. Intensive student care in well-facilitated hostels, ample infrastructure, and a prestigious faculty ensure that students reach high in their career choices.  Students from 19 countries of Asia and Africa vouch for the magnetic draw of various courses. A foreign teaching faculty along with native Indian teaching staff deliver the best of knowledge and encourage research for further learning.

The well-endowed sprawling campus gives students plenty to do by way of clubs and nature-based activities.  Book learning never suffices in delivering effective learning though they may be written in letters of gold. It is one long race that includes seminars and presentations, laboratory work, outings, internships and mock interviews, guest lectures, etc. The ball never stops rolling, perhaps all life long. AP GOYAL SHIMLA UNIVERSITY delivers the motivation necessary for success in the 21st century in the process of creating productive citizens fated to rise high.

A university that accurately fulfils industry needs

Everything in the university is geared towards professional success. Starting with the curriculum essentially framed by IIT and IIM alumni, ample inspiration is on the way. A philosophy and a way of life that stresses values and the challenges of achievement are a pulsating reality. You feel it in the pristine campus air as you go about nature activities.

Professionalism extends to specifically training boys and girls to don appropriate roles in society after they graduate or postgraduate. A realistic assessment of industry requirements has resulted in exact preparation, according to the curriculum and the ethics. When lucrative placements come at the end of the course, it is a well-deserved reward that was due.

Industry leaders, perhaps as guest lecturers and academically oriented professors with industry experience make it all possible. Numerous foreign tie-ups with universities and student and teacher exchange programs provide a farsighted vision in accordance with global thinking. The world of tomorrow does not seem very far away after study here.

Which course would you rather study?

Like life itself, AP GOYAL SHIMLA UNIVERSITY offers many choices of subjects and courses. Journalism and Mass Communication perhaps? Why not Management, Law or Hospitality, all of them contemporary and immensely challenging? Engineering and Technology or Applied Science and Research? Fashion and Textiles?

On what basis are choices of subjects made? Interests alone are not enough since skills and aptitudes need to be taken into account. Opportunities need to be taken when they arise and scholarships often provide the motivation. One way or the other, a determined approach would go a long way in ensuring success. A desire to compete and serve the needs of a particular industry in the right spirit, ethically dedicated to the needs of the organisation, would bring long-term success.

Mass media is central to our existence

Along the several new age careers that present immensely challenging opportunities are the mass media that have become central to daily existence. Whether it is the television, delivering the daily dose of news or the films that teach moral lessons, mass media are inescapable. So it has been for many decades, but the digital revolution that happened in the 1990s made media absolutely universal. No longer can we do without mobile phones that keep us in touch with all that is happening across social media, political, business and sports news besides entertainment.

A great variety of job roles!

It is obvious that the all-conquering media offers fabulous job opportunities for the right combination of creativity and innovation. The old formula of radio, film, and television still holds except that the digital online world has overtaken all other forms. The online multimedia explosion only means that so much is happening and so much needs to be done.

Whether interests lie in the realm of writing and the arts, software and technology, music and dance, acting and direction, mass media embraces them all. The graduation and post graduation courses in media take you on a roller coaster ride that provides a bird’s eye view of the industry. It does help that we have been part of that sizzling media world already for several years. By instinct, we know and understand a great deal about media through constant daily experience.

Curriculum study and research, media learning activities, newspapers, radio, and television further increase the appetite for more and more media awareness. We need to specialise, though and avoid being lost in a sea of media frenzy. Thus, some choose to edit or direct, others wish to become Social Media Directors or Public Relations Officers of MNCs.

The designations may appear very attractive, but the field is highly competitive and standards and expectations are rather high. A pleasant and communicative personality that is outgoing and hardworking stands the best chances. A creative zeal along with a fiery passion would bring success. Sustained work through the difficult years of climbing the success ladder would be necessary.

Who wishes to become a Special Correspondent, Screenwriter or Producer? An Art Director or Event Manager, TV Correspondent or Film Director would involve handling major responsibilities and working as the leader of a group.

The School of Media & Mass Communication

Established in 2013, the media school presents an exciting and dynamic career opportunity for the motivated and energetic youngsters of today. It is an age of information and the courses teach how to gather and present information. That simple definition covers all the wonders that surround us in the form of radio stations, newspapers, television channels and the internet wonders. The three courses offered are BA (journalism and mass communications), BA (Hons) in English and MA (journalism and mass communications).

You qualify for BA (JMC) and BA (Hons) after completion of Class 12. BA (JMC) is a three-year course and teaches the essentials of communicating ideas with the masses. Theories and their application in several areas of journalism and mass communication would be studied.

MA (JMC) is a two-year postgraduate course consisting of four semesters. A pass in the graduate degree in any subject with the required percentage qualifies you for this course. Communication through a variety of media with the masses would be studied in exhaustive detail. While BA (JMC) has 60 seats, MA (JMC) has 20.

Placement records, usually 100%!

Some foremost companies where graduates received plush placements are Atlas Cycle,  Bacardi,  Bajaj Auto,  Britannia,  Cadbury,  Crompton Greaves,  Dabur, GODREJ,  Havells Limited,  HP,  HT Media India, Okaya,  SAIL, Su-Kam,  Tommy Hilfiger, and WELSPUN.

JMC is a career well worth pursuing!

As compared to many desk and service jobs full of boredom where stagnation is the norm, media offers an excitement-filled professional life. The media went truly going global after the internet revolution. Possibilities of promotions are immense and foreign travel is a distinct possibility. Patience and perseverance would bring many rewards in a profession where youth is successful at the top. In a fast-changing media landscape, the persons who can change and adapt well would become the winners.

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