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Get intimate with pristine nature when you study at AP Goyal Shimla University

Top Leading University in North India

While it is often said that the economy is the backbone of a country, it is most definitely the light of education. Selfless progressive education is hard to find since many are busy with profiteering at the expense of students. It is true that vast fortunes are waiting to be made with the mighty demand for a better education that fulfills professional needs. A socially relevant education that offers an authentic scholarship through appropriate learning methods would inspire productive citizens.

A wise and dedicated teaching fraternity dedicated to student learning succeeds in inculcating morals and values besides sowing the seeds of research. A technologically savvy infrastructure for learning with ample digital facilities would bring students up to date with new research techniques. A variety of club activities and games would keep children active and engaged. Health facilities are compulsory too, like banking and ATMs in the campus.

Hostels and transport, sports and gym facilities, the mess and the cafeteria, everything out there are in order like the well-oiled parts of a gigantic machine. It is a great mystery how a university system functions with a thousand constituents all working together. Visit some outstanding universities in Europe and America and you feel the same way. Asian universities are also catching up with the best in the world when you look at the global rankings by some research institutions.

AP Goyal Shimla University deserves to be ranked among the best educational arenas in global terms. The natural paradise that is the sprawling campus is an educationist’s dream come true. As you enter the gate, it feels as if the mundane world is left behind and another scholarly world beckons right out of the picturesque greenery.

International networks and collaborations ensure a global outlook

India has long encouraged overseas involvement in the educational process. According to government policies too, foreign universities may set up infrastructure in India. The result is an enrichment of learning with a smart global awareness and an understanding of diversity. Student and faculty exchange programs at AP Goyal Shimla University have been of mutual benefit to international students getting the green signal to pursue studies that lead to dream careers. As many as 900 students from across 19 Asian and African countries study today to build their lives amidst the lush greenery.

One world and many disciplines

Like in a cosmopolitan city, one would expect diversity on a university campus. Eight departments with all their specializations do open up stupendous student career vistas at AP Goyal Shimla University. While we would traditionally think that it is a world of Engineering and Technology we live in, it could be argued that Business Management holds it all together like glue. Journalism and Mass Communication have endless applications in a world ruled by the mass media. The world cannot do without Applied Sciences and Research either in subjects like physics and chemistry. Law study is of the essence too. Architecture reigns supreme since every building is based on some creative design. Hospitality is like a sweet flower that refreshes our existence in many pretty ways. Fashion and Textiles too have come to mean so much in a global society brought about by international influences promoted by the internet and television.

Management programs that speak many tongues

It is no wonder that business management programs command so much of respect and not only in commercial terms. The unending complexities of the modern industrial and technological social structures demand superhuman managerial capability. How would the most efficient executives manage human resources and materials, finances and networking across branches in several countries?

While political leaders of the past and maybe even the present dreamt of dominating the world, businesspersons dream of the same nowadays. The motivation for splendid performances as business managers with several specializations to choose from has become a way of life.  Go to China, Japan, America or Europe and numerous business schools teach similar philosophies and impart the same skills. It is good to be global if syllabi and faculty can be shared and something like that is happening just now. Joint ventures, student exchanges, and dual degrees have changed the traditional approach to education. A flexibility was always needed in education and that has now arrived.

The ongoing management programs at AP Goyal Shimla University train the industry leaders of the now and the future generation. Several invigorating approaches at the hands of qualified and experienced faculty put the students through an intense power packed course that does not cut corners. Running the extra mile is a way of life.

Perhaps the syllabus and activities, infrastructure and case study methods are similar at a hundred b-schools. Yet here is something more, a dynamic vision that caters to the resounding new worldview. A stunning diversity of nationalities at the campus compels everybody to change their perceptions just a little bit.

A syllabus that reaches across lifetimes

A joy ride with the syllabus over two or three years gradually extends the understanding and the skills of what management really means. BBA entrants are just out of higher secondary school or Class 12. They know little of the world of work and professional approaches that they would spend a lifetime with. The basics of economics and management principles, finance and marketing, research and mathematics would apply early in the course.

MBA aspirants belong to a different accomplished league. The difference is that they have graduated already. Besides, they have obtained perhaps several years of work experience besides all that they did to obtain the graduate degree. Work experience is considered a compulsory requirement to obtain a master’s degree. It is this highly coveted course that trainees all over the world aspire to.

Besides the question of vast incomes and the glamor of becoming CEOs and financial managers, such dynamic management professionals are crucial in terms of industry success. The standards of hospitality or the pharmaceutical industry, healthcare or IT for that matter like a dozen others! Biotechnology and agriculture, tourism and international business, almost every field that matters so much in our modern world.

Life’s battles are initially fought in educational institutions like a rehearsal of life skills, early in school and later in developed colleges. These live wire management hands will one day head those mighty companies the media is constantly reminding us of. Perhaps the little mystic secret to success is unbounded energy. It is quite true that the top management possesses an abundance of supernatural zeal and energy, where fatigue has no meaning. Or else how can they be at work almost day and night with a few hours of sleep?

Inspiration comes from many directions

Like a spider’s web, trainees are surrounded by a wave of influences in this university tradition that does not accept negativeness. Besides the personal skills that get a chance to flower in the direction of business achievement, it is the functional competencies that need to develop. Construction of a professional entity that would spend a lifetime in business scenarios is a challenging task indeed.

What is the management professional’s life like? Meetings everywhere with no time to even think! Stresses are building up all the time. Stress relief must come one way or the other, maybe through walking or playing games.

As involved students, management trainees do attempt to get into the skin of the professional duties. They probably do imagine their roles as finance or marketing managers in the realms of human resources or international business. For those trainees who succeed and most of them do, it is a one-way street to success all the way.

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