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Impact of University Degree on Your Future Career Prospects

Does your University degree influence your future earning potential? Let’s keep it straight. Yes, it does! But, of course, only to an extent! The University you choose along with the degree you opt for does play an important role in kick-starting your career. However, do remember that it’s always your experience and learning which mainly influences your success and job prospects in the long run.

So if you are a pass out from a top notch University, be sure that you will get a creamy good career start, primarily because your initial placement would be taken good care of by your University. However, to carry this opportunity forward and make it larger in the future, you necessarily need to have perseverance and dedication to take up sheer hard work.

Though, students generally crave for this starting push in their career and assume that this initial thrust would make their career; they need to stay prepared to face the actual professional world waiting for them outside the walls of their University. It’s a really big bad world out there, and here it’s only and only the performance that speaks. So, in case you are thinking that only a degree from a very high rated University will make you sit in an air-conditioned office, where you will do nothing and life will be like a heaven, then better get a wakeup call, mate!

In the write-up below, we will take a deeper dive into the impact of one’s University degree on his/her future earning potential, and will also discuss a few points that one should ponder upon before choosing a University.

The impact of University on Career Prospects:

University is, unarguably, the very first platform where a student’s career actually starts moulding into an identifiable shape. This is where students get to receive their very first exposure to the professional world, and whether this experience is going to be big or small, depends on what your University chooses for you. Your University basically helps you reach the prospective employers who may have extremely good, good, or not so good pay packages to offer you. While, which of the prospective employers get to enter your University campus, depends on the reputation of your University, the level of the pay package that you succeed to grab completely depends on your very own skills.

Typically, your University can influence your way ahead in following ways:

  1. By imparting quality education which is relevant, up-to-date and good quality
  2. By giving you real life exposure to industry through projects and assignments
  3. By getting industry experts with whom you can connect and learn through seminars and conferences
  4. By providing you infrastructure, e.g. lab, classrooms, hostel and library etc.
  5. And most importantly, by providing you with a platform for placements.

It is thus extremely important that you choose your University very wisely, and also do give consideration to below points while making the decision.

Search & Research: Choosing a University, and moreover a course, requires immense care and caution. It needs a thorough course of search and research by means of various trusted sources. The reason being that every University offers a number of different courses, however, the University might not be known for all of them.

There is a possibility that the University is basically known for some 2 or 3 courses, and is good with respect to the placements concerning these courses only. It is thus important to identify and classify the University and courses accordingly.

Name and Reputation of the University Matter: It is also important to understand the balance between the name of the University and the degree being awarded. There are University from where even if you do a simple diploma, it will provide you much value than any degree course from another University. Likewise, there are a lot of smaller and less famous University from where even a PhD degree won’t help you earn any recognition.

Seek Advice from Experts: Good Universities do take a lot of efforts to maintain their name. They do invest in terms of the faculty, infrastructure, public relations, and other factors so as to keep their standards high. So, do a lot of ground work before finalizing any University. Always take advice from people in the industry. You can also ask the ex-students of that University about the pros and cons. You can even refer to University rankings published by different magazines.

DO NOT Fall for Gimmicks: There are a lot of fancy University, which would give highly decorated degrees and charge a bomb for that.  One piece of advice is not to fall into the trap of good looking buildings, expensive cars roaming around the University campus, and receptionists with British accents. Do inquire about their study environment, faculty, and past student placements before you do ahead to submit the fees.

Choose Wisely: Good Universities have contacts in the industry. They maintain a dedicated PR team, which keeps on interacting with key people in HR and invite them to hire students in the placement session. They also have their alumni working in different fields which entertain or favour their own University’s PR team. That’s why, dear friend, choose your University very wisely as it is a one-time opportunity which can make or break your career.

We take a pride to declare that AP Goyal Shimla University takes every possible step to make sure that the value of education given to the student commensurates with the degree and thus it is one of the most respected and demanded place to pursue higher education in North India.

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