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The Scope of Hotel Management in India

Best Hotel Management Institute in Himachal Pradesh

Education should include appropriate professional training in order to prepare successfully for a career. Unnecessary accumulations of academic degrees do not help vocationally though such a person does qualify for senior teaching positions. The same teaching possibilities apply to Hotel Management courses too with the renowned institutions, though work experience would be needed too.

If interest in a hospitality career is identified, it is important to understand the extent of the passion. Hotel Management courses include the 3-year bachelor’s degree after Class 12. Alternatively, the two-year diploma and the one-year certificate course also teach the essentials of hotel management. Somebody with a family run hotel business would find the shorter courses quite adequate to understand the essentials. Starting a private hotel business can be a challenging but lucrative career.

Hotel Management careers and scope

As compared to some decades ago, several new age designations are nowadays arising like the IT Manager that would be found in every profession. Traditional Restaurant Managers, Financial Managers, Chefs and Administration staff are some of the designations. The lucky graduates who begin as management trainees in international hotel chains get paid well, perhaps starting with Rs.20,000 pm. Within a few years, they may earn Rs.30,000 pm. Opportunities for travel globally would arise in an exciting lifestyle with excellent chances of promotion as Managers.

The great majority of hotel management graduates would struggle to find good jobs, though opportunities are available in plenty. They may start with a meager Rs.10,000 pm and hope to climb the salary ladder in good time.

The universally popular hotel and restaurant scene!

Not a single locality in the ocean that is India is free from hotels and restaurants except the residential enclaves. Compared to all other industries, the food catering industry brings the highest profit margins, yet requires hard labor and clever business sense. Hundreds of stories abound about restaurants that started small and slowly reached a star status. Just like restaurants in almost every locality, every town and city run a number of colleges and institutes with hotel management courses.

It is quite clear that enormous employment potential exists in the catering industry. Not forgetting that catering extends to every party and guesthouse, club and function, with budgets large or small. Airline companies, the railways, buses too need to halt at meal times at highway restaurants. Hospitals will need catering services too, just like the senior assisted living facilities, hostels, factories and training institutes.

Consider the luxury segment of 5-star hotels, resorts, cruise ships and tourism, and the big picture of hospitality and its allied services emerge. The international hotel chains may cater to the wealthy, but the millions of budget travelers and the middle-income group also contribute immense revenue. Naturally, the Indian Government with the Make in India policy and 100% direct investment wants to build up the necessary infrastructure. Encouraged by the authorities, the hotel industry in India is growing full steam.

Specific interests help careers

Jack-of-all-trades do not succeed nowadays. If the decision is made to work in airline companies or on cruise ships, success might come after some years of hard work. A particular sustained interest like Housekeeping does hit it off in spite of momentary ups and downs. Meanwhile, be prepared for the inevitable struggle. Exceptions that are lucky get the best placements in campus interviews without really trying at all.

Build a positive career


Hospitality staff plays the role of ambassadors and India has a huge network of hotels. Heritage hotels, 5-star and 3-star hotels have become common nowadays. Budget hotels too offer immense scope for employment in several departments. Besides, business is guaranteed since tourism increases all the time. Except during a war situation, hotels are constantly in business, unaffected by political ups and downs.

Working in posh surroundings does bring great satisfaction, though remaining on the feet can get very tiring. Night duties will come and it puts a lot of strain on the mind and body. Almost every profession requires sacrifices in order to succeed. The initial few years can be terrible in the search for a footing in the profession. Relaxation can come later.

Typical personalities that suit this career

A pleasant personality that communicates well is very important in dealing with guests. Hospitality and hotels are all about accommodating guests from everywhere and a special skill is required. Technical matters are important too, like the restaurant staff being well versed with the dishes and their constituents. Food and Beverages make up one of the most important departments, crucial of course to catering.

An outgoing persona who enjoys meeting global tourists would succeed. Appreciating foreign cultures and perhaps knowing a foreign language would be great advantages. Make sure it is a genuine interest that will sustain across a lifetime. Society is changing and becoming more mobile. Unlike the past, many workers do not stick to the same career all their lives. Boredom might come though they are qualified and experienced. In the forties, perhaps a different allied profession would be better. Getting some experience and then running a private establishment is getting popular too. Maybe the forest lodge, cruise ship or airline company, hospital or club awaits your dedicated services!

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